New Moon Video from Chris


Chris of Lunar Anomalies and Beyond put out a new video in June. It is chock full of buildings and towers. Do look at it.

It will not play for me, is there another source?


It plays for me. Try this, though:

Also, you can Google: Youtube Structures Found In This Apollo 8 Photo ~ 6/29/2023


Good Lord! I had never seen this one, either. Or I saw it a while ago and forgot about it, but this one is hard to forget.

There are structures all over the place, rather huge, tall and rather plain to see.

From time stamp 16:10 to 16:21 Chris makes definite statements about the lunar inhabitants living below decks.

Google this: Must See! Huge Structures On The Moon! 2/3/2018

And here ┬┤tis: