NEVER trust "the science"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top French "Scientist" Admits Photo He Tweeted of ‘Space Telescope Image’ of Nearest Star to the Sun Was Just a Slice of Chorizo!

Whether they're making stuff up and laughing at you or just plain laughing at you through their social experiments, NEVER trust anyone that is classified as a "top scientist":


Good object lesson in not trusting scientists. I think it's interesting that he was trying to teach that. (Think, don't just blindly accept because it comes from science.)

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Critical observation when blind obedience is the new normal and asking questions is derided as conspiracy "theorist" for sure. It's sad that this has been true, we now can see, for at least the last couple centuries and arguably for many millennia.

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This fraud is pretty harmless.

Not like the FRAUD on the left in the figure below:


This FRAUD of the British Royal Science lasts for three hundred years and is printed in trillions of textbooks. It has stupidified so many generations. It has brought an immeasurable harm to this world so that no study of some future historians will be able to estimate it.

But the show, i.e. the stupidity, must go on.


@Mitko_Gorgiev , your analysis of the prism experiment is brilliant ! Thanks for sharing .