Mystery Bear of the Arctic

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I can't believe it. A bear was killed on Banks Island, a bit sideways from Greenland, and it wasn't a polar bear, it wasn't a brown bear or a black bear.

The scientists (scientists always stick their foot in it) concluded that it might have been a hybrid, although brown bears don't even go there to breed with the wrong species in the first place, not that they would mix even if they were together in the second place.


Given their poor fund of understanding, though, what are they going to conclude? We can conclude that since the northern orifice is closer to Banks Island than the habitat of the brown bear, that this was a species of bear that wondered out of the hollow earth just like the polar bears, because that is where they come from, too.

I just saw all this on National Geographic, and I also saw that polar bears have been tagged and monitored, but that they never migrate towards the continent, only upwards across the Arctic. We know that this means towards the opening.


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In the book Four Years in the White North by Admiral Mac Millan, Page 63, he writes of an encounter with a giant white wolf. It is obviously another creature, similar to the polar bear, that wandered out of the Arctic orifice that leads to the hollow earth.

"The dogs were now fairly excited, dashing along with head and tails up, whining and yelping. In a few minutes a white wolf, so large that we all thought it was a bear, bounded out of the ice and took to the side-hill, every twenty yards or so stoping to look us over carefully, wondering what kind of strange animals we were. [The Eskimo] Pee-a-wah-to seized his rifle, ran to the crest of a little knoll, dropped to one knee, and fired. I have never seen a better shot. the animal at the time was going full speed away from him at a distance of about 100 yards. The bullet passed completely up through his body, turned him over, and left him a crumpled mass without a quiver. I examined this first white wolf with interest. He is large than the eskimo dog, which is supposed to be his descendant, although not so thick-set."

A wolf the size of a bear? Creatures in the hollow earth are nurtured by the inner sun and protected from the unfiltered rays of our solar system; therefore, they grow to giant size, at least according to our perspective.

I am sure that Admiral Mac Millan knew the true origin of that giant wolf. Back in the 1500s, Queen Elizabeth sent Martin Frobisher to explore the Arctic, carrying with him a Piri Reis type of map showing a central mountain in the Arctic and a land mass inside of the Arctic shores. They wer suspicious, and we carrying out reconnaissance. By the time of Mac Millan's book, printed in 1918, they knew about the opening and the hollow earth.

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