Mysterious Cases of Living Fossils, Suspended Animation, and Hibernation !!

Folks , this is a mind boggling possibility - most such examples of living fossils were found underground , in mines etc. !


These are absolutely fascinating @sidharthabahadur, thank you.

All of a sudden , the legends/stories of ancient sages/monks in the Himalaya mountains and caves , lost in deep meditation for thousands of years & seeming to be barely alive (faint or no breath being apparent) seem more credible...hmm !

There exists a powerful imagery in South Asian culture - of ancient sages covered by anthills and creepers that have grown around them , as they meditate in remote forest areas for thousands of years...!


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Folks , this is a well documented case of an ascetic who apparently eats practically no food and only drinks little water and has survived in that state for decades ! Scientists could not give any rational explanation for this phenomenon .