Must See - Structures on The Moon


This one doesn't take too long t get into it. At minute/second 2:25, you see a tall building sticking up ut of a platform, ot a shallow crater. I am still watching it.


At exactly 3:00, there is a faint circle on the side of a crater wall, that goes under the surface. Too much!


The whole video is astounding, but from time stamp 2:51 to 3:15, you can see several artificial artifacts and constructions having height and uniform curvature.

At 2:51, precisely, there is a good one in a crater that the narrator Chris points out. But he concentrates on something on the inside of the crater rim, something etched on the ground. It is important to look at that round, squat structure in the crater.

Just keep going, second by second, and see the structures.


Whoopsie! Forgot it!


His home page:


From 6:18 onwards, Chris does some nice highlighting and circling of structures on The Moon.

This one, at 2:50, shows a crater with a structure in it, and Chris points out a faint, darkish circle, and he say " ... it actually seems to go underground".

An opening to the underground of The Moon!