Most Amazing and Complete Moon Video I Have Ever Seen!


I can't begin to relate much about this video, it is so astounding; so I won't even try.

There is some blah, blah, blah up until 11 minutes, then the narrator definitely states that The Moon is hollow and he stays with it pretty much until the end.

Give it a chance, it's the best ever.


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@deandddd Very interesting. The link you gave was just search engine results, but I tried this video from there and it appears to be the same one you're talking about. Pasting it here for reference:

Of course, it appears there are some inaccurate statements about the earth also being hollow from some of the "scientists" he's referencing... it seems this video would do even better if combined with the data in Jan Lamprecht's book, Hollow Planets.


Well, Jan Lamprect's data and information could strengthen anyone's arguments, that's for sure.

But his train of thought and info seems to be more from mainstream sources, which surprised me. It smacked of the comments that you read in Somebody Else Is on The Moon or the book Alien Bases on The Moon.

The video tells of activities on The Moon, constructions, bridges, roads, building complexes and vehicles.

And artificial phenomena; he mentions the Crater Linné shrinking over time from a 6 mile diameter to a 1 1/2 mile diameter. To fill in is one thing, but it is still a circular crater.

It's good to see a fresh, credible presentation of all these things. You know, lest we forget.

I don't know what the background of the maker of the video is, or how he became so convinced of the hollow nature of The Moon, but it sure is a relief to see somebody put together something cohesive and sensible like that. He seems like an ally that we didn't even know about.


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@deandddd , @Ephraimite , this is a good one , thanks for sharing !