More Gravitatiional Attraction through Less Matter


The newtonian theory of gravity does not allow for the hollow earth theory to exist because the superior weight of the crust would collapse the crust upon the hollow cavity.

So we should familiarize ourselves with the concepts of Gravity effects beinng caused by electromagnetic attraction and repulsion.

One interesting facet of this undeerstanding is found on Page 143:

I ask because on page 143 of The Awesome life Force, Cater says that "
Stripping electrons from an atom will give it a strong positive charge. This
means it [ the atom ] will have greater inertia than before."

People, greater inertia, less mass because some electrons have been stripped.

Then what relationship does the plasma of the Sun have with a negative
gravitational field? There is attraction between The Sun and a negative gravitational field. This is because the the plasma Sun remains with its protons and such that there is mutual attraction between The Sun and the planets, because the planets emit electron radiation in a frequency that The Sun does not. This means that there is little repulsion betweeen them.


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