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A half scale reproduction!!! I just fell out of my chair!!!

There is more to this than we can put together. What influence the Chinese must have had. Why did they let Europeans just move in and take over the Americas? Could this be connected to China's current resurgence? Do the underground powers-that-be, that are below China, want it all back, and us out?

According to Gavin Menzies, the pyramids of the Monte Alban complex in southern Mexico are a half scale repreduction of the Qin Mausoleum in China, and dates back as far as 500 B.C.

China customs were in place from Mexico to Peru when the Spaniards arrived, and Chinese genetic traces can be as high as 40 % in some regions.

All of this points out that as much as 2.500 years ago China had a well established presence from Mexico - Peru. The fact that so many pyramids and other megalithic contructions existed tells us that it wasnt't all just a matter of trading posts, the Chinese existed there and their emperors were worshipped and revered.

I just find it hard to accept that so much could have been established on top of the surface without there being anything below the surface in underground worlds. We have heard and seen so much to the effect of tunnel systems in Mexico and the Andes, so we can conclude that there are worlds below. Why would the residents of worlds below allow Chinese culture to be established right on top of them uness the Chinese culture were not kindred or allied somehow?

Look up Monte Alban Pyramid and Qin Mausoleum on Google.

I have just done it for you ...


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Think about how entrenched Chinese society was in Mexico for there to be such a gigantic replica of a Chinese Mausoleum. Because even at half size, it is gagantic.

And 40% genetics?

And how was it that the Chinese abandoned their "colony"?

And what's underneath it?