Miners, And their Underground Experiences


The following is from pages 59 - 68 of Warren Smith's book, The
Hidden Secrets of the Hollow Earth. I tells about the underground
experiences of two miners who were trapped below.

Below the Earth, a trata of different frequencies begins to form,
much like when you go from the lower altitudes, where blue light is
visible, to the stratosphere where the frequency of light turns to
indigo and violet. And there are entities which correspond to the
lower, kind-of astral frequencies of the subterranean earth, where
infrared begins to form.

From Warren Smith-

Throughout the ages, however, we can find stories of people who have
stumbled into contact with the cave entities. Unlike UFOnauts,
however, the cave people have no messages for humanity. They seldom
speak and there appears to be resentment against the intruders in
their subterranean world. In Volume I, Number 6 of the Newsletter for
the Committee for the-Scientific Evaluation of Psi, a report was
published about a laborer in Staffordshire, England. The author of
the report was Ron Calias, who told about a tunnel laborer who was
digging underground in 1770 and may have glimpsed the mechanical
developments of the cave people.

The laborer was apparently working ahead of his crew when he heard a
loud roaring noise from behind a large stone. Curious, the laborer
used his pick and crowbar to remove the large stone from the side of
the tunnel. He was astonished to discover a smooth stone stairway
leading down into the earth. The laborer's first thought was that he
had discovered some sort of ancient tomb, perhaps a cavern filled
with chests of precious treasure.

The laborer was glancing about the area when he saw a strangely clad,
hooded figure rushing toward him. The hooded figure held a baton-like
object in his band. There seemed to be an indication that the baton
was some type of weapon. Terrified, the laborer rushed back up the
stairway to safety. The Newsletter did not report on the type of
machinery in the cavern. We were not given data on whether the
laborer tried at another time to find out the secret of the cavern.
Like many of these old reports, this is another that ends cryptically.

Cave entities popped up in the news in 1963 after three men entered a
coal mine at Sheppton, Pennsylvania on the morning of August 3rd.
Entombed by a mine cave-in for fourteen days, miners Hank Thorne and
Dave Fellin experienced what scientists would call "simultaneous
hallucinations " during their entrapment.

Associated Press dispatches from the mine said the survivors told of
a strange light illuminating their mine shaft. They had witnessed two
men who seemed to be dressed like telephone linemen. At one time,
they saw a -white marble stairway leading up out of their shaft. And
they claimed that Pope John XXIII was with them at one time in the
temporary tomb.

The three men were in the mine at 9:00 a.m when the entrance shaft
was blocked by a cave-in. Dave Fellin, and Hank Thorne, 28, leaped to
one side of the shaft mine timbers and rock crashed through the
darkness. Another miner, Louis Bova, 43, jumped to the other side of
the cave-in.

After the cave-in, Fellin and Thorne discovered they were at the 390-
foot level in the independently owned coal mine. Their only supplies
were their miner's lamps a small jug of water, a rasp, saw and a
broken axe. Using a crowbar they found, the two men began to try to
dig their way out of the cave-in. After considerable effort, they
cleared a path about forty feet above where they had been trapped.
They hoped to meet a rescue party somewhere along the cave-in that
clogged the entrance shaft. While they waited to be rescued, both of
the entombed miners tried to reach the third man, Louis Bova. At one
time, Fellin thought he heard Bova yell from the other side of the
rock and debris at the bottom of the shaft. Fellin rapped on the mine
wall several times. He declared that at one point, he heard Bova yell.

"Come get me," the trapped miner screamed. "I'm hurt!"

Thorne and Fellin attempted to remove the debris that separated them
from their trapped companion. Their meager tools were not able to
push away the large amount of debris and the huge boulders. They
waited for signals from a rescue party, not knowing that experts on
the surface felt their case was hopeless.

"There's just no way anyone can be alive down there," a state mining
official informed the trapped men's families. "About all we can do is
fill up the shaft and dig another one to recover the bodies."

Filling up the shaft would have meant death by suffocation to anyone
alive in the mine. The families of the miners stopped the mine
officials from taking such drastic measures. Dave Fellin's brother,
Joe, claimed he "knew" his brother was alive. Although the two
brothers were estranged and had not spoken to each other in twenty
years, Joe decided a second shaft could be drilled down beside the
main shaft. By now, five days had passed since the cave-in. Joe
Fellin obtained a gigantic drilling rig, spotting the machinery over
what he believed was a "gangway" 390 feet below the surface. The
drill was turned on, and they started digging an exploratory six-inch
hole in the earth.

Shortly after midnight on the following day, a worker yelled down
into the new shaft. A faint voice answered back.

"They're alive!" yelled the driller.

While relatives and friends of the trapped men gathered around, an
engineer from a mobile radio news truck spliced together a series of
cables. A microphone was attached to the wire and, moments later,
Dave Fellin was talking to the rescue party almost four hundred feet
above his position in the mine.

Despite communication, it required intensified effort ; over the next
week to rescue the two trapped miners. The original six-inch shaft
was utilized for supplies and communication with the two men.
Another, larger shaft was drilled. It penetrated the roof of the
entombed miners' cavern and almost caused a cave-in. A second shaft
was drilled, but it veered off and missed the- two miners. The third
shaft was positioned correctly and, fourteen days after they went
into the mine, Fellin and Thorne were rescued. They were raised to
the surface by a parachute harness. The body of the third miner,
Louis Bova, has never been found.

Rushed to a hospital, Fellin requested that he be given a psychiatric
examination. The miner's experience in the underground cavern had
possibly caused him to doubt his senses. Hank Thorne was also given
an examination, then treated for an injury to his hand: Thorne
allegedly struck back at something that was later labeled "an

Two psychiatrists examined the miners. Both stated that Fellin and
Thorne were mentally alert. Yet they retained vivid memories of what
had transpired while they were entombed in the mine.

Bill Schmser, program director for WAIL radio station in nearby
Hazelton. Pennsylvania, furnished round-the-clock news reports from
the mine during the rescue attempts. Later, Schmeer compiled an
article on the incident that was published in the March, 1965, issue
of Fate magazine (Clark Publishing Company, Aston, Illinois).

Schmeer was told by Dave Fellin that the entities in the mine were
not hallucinations. "Pope John and the cross were there all of the
time," said Fellin. "The other things kept popping in and out. They
came in and out just like a movie film. The first to come were the
men with lights. After them, the steps appeared. It was real. We were
both seeing it and we both knew they were live people. We know that
as an absolute fact."

The two men had been trapped underground for two days when Pope John
appeared. The Pope appeared against a wall of the cavern, directly
behind Dave Fellin. Hank Thorne, a protestant, was the first to
observe the manifestation. Thorne did not recognize the figure, but
Fellin was a Roman Catholic and said the figure was the Pope.
According to reporter Bill Schneer, Fellin had been aware of the
figure but had not mentioned it. He was afraid that he was
hallucinating. Fellin also avoided looking at the face of the figure.

"Both men volunteered to me that they had seen Pope John in their
tomb," wrote Bill Schmeer. The two men also verified independently
that the Pope remained with them in the cavern until the rescue shaft
broke through to them.

Simultaneously with the Pope's appearance, the two men claimed a gold
cross became visible in the darkness. While there were minor
variations in their descriptions, both men described a Christian

After the Pope and the cross appeared, the men with the lights
entered their tomb. This second group of cave entities carried cable
that supplied light to the two trapped miners!

Dave Fellin claimed the men arrived in a vehicle that was similar to
a chariot. However, there were no horses or other animals pulling the
vehicle. Fellin also reported that the visitors could only be seen in
profile, and then only the top parts of their bodies. He reported the
men wore lights atop their heads shaped like funnels, but the narrow
end of the funnel supplied a wide-beamed light.

Hank Thorne saw the men when they started unreeling wire from a
large, round spool. Thorne believed the men wore utility belts,
battery packs and miner's lamps. According to Thorne, the visitors
looked like "ordinary people."

Hank Thorne spoke to the entities, asking that some sort of light be
rigged up in the cavern. Their response was to vanish for more than
an hour. Later, a "bluish light" illuminated the entire cavern.

David Fellin said, "It was sort of like steam. The whole area - the
entire room - was filled up with it. You could see shadows." Fellin
described a soft, glowing light that provided enough illumination to
see the hands on his watch. Fellin said that when the light first
appeared, it seemed as if he was "lifted up" from the subterranean
cavern to a point where he could see for miles in any direction.

Hank Thorne declared that the bluish light remained constant in the
cavern. He said the illumination had no source, but it was light
enough to read his watch.

Thorne also mentioned that the most frightening moment occurred when
a set of white marble stairs appeared in the cavern. The steps were
wide enough for four or more people to walk abreast. Thorne wanted to
climb the stairs, but his companion cautioned him against such
action. Fellin believed that if they walked up the stiars, they would
die. He felt the stairway led to heaven.

Fellin told reporter Bill Schmeer that the stairs seemed to be
constructed out of white marble. They were ten totwelve feet wide,
fairly straight and at a steep angle. The steps seemed to go up until
they vanished from sight. Later during their entrapment, both men
claimed to have seen groups of mysterious people walking up the
stairway, which ended with a set of woooden doors across the apex of
the steps. They reported that some of the "people" were admitted
through the doorway. Others were turned away.

Both men also reported they were not afraid during their entrapment
in the mine. During their ordeal, a trio of men came to them with a
tablet that revealed Fellin and Thorne would survive.

Dave Fellin explained to newsmen about this mysterious incident.

"I don't remember exactly what day it was," he stated. "I was down
there wondering if we would ever get out, and at that moment three
men came to us with the plaque. They were handsome in a rugged sort
of way, with a bronze-colored skin."

Fellin said the three visitors were about six feet, three inches in
height. They had ears that came to a slight point. He remembered they
also had thin lips. Their eyes appeared normal and they reminded him
of ' football-players or other athletes. They also wore a wide
headband around their forehead.

Hank Thorne said the visitors were clad in long, kimono-style robes.
They were reported to have high cheek bones, thin lips, ear-length
hair that was combed back away from their foreheads. Their robe-like
garments were greenish-gray in color.

The three visitors extended a plaque toward the trapped miners,
measuring around sixteen inches long, perhaps twenty-four inches
wide. The plaque was covered with rows of holes, judged to be about
the size of a cigarette. Long pegs, also about the size of an average
cigarette, were fitted into most of the holes.

The visitors handed the plaque toward Dave Fellin.

"Put a peg in one of the holes," requested the entity.

Fellin took a peg and plugged a hole. The board grew darker.

The board was then extended toward Hank Thorne.

"Put a peg. in a hole," suggested the entity.

Thorne refused to do so.

The plaque was then shown to both men. "There was nobody's name on
it," Fellin told newsmen. "It didn't have anything on it. I knew then
that me and Hank were coming out of there alive."

The two men experienced other unusual phenomena during their period
in the mine cavern. Both recalled a figure that looked like an
American Indian chief for several hours after communications had been
established with the rescue group on the surface. Neither man
mentioned whether the chief had spoken them.

After contact with the rescue party was made, the entites began to
vanish. The chief was the only one who appeared while they waited for
the rescue shaft to be drilled. However, the figure of Pope John and
the Christian cross remained with them in the cavern until just a few
moments before their rescue.

Fellin also mentioned that some of the figures took on horrible,
grotesque appearance about three days before their contact with the
surface. Previously, the entities had projected a benign, happy

In the Fate magazine article, author Bill Schmeer wrote: "To give a
name, 'collective hallucination,' to the experiences that David
Fellin and Henry Thorne shared in their accidental tomb 390 feet deep
in the earth is certainly not to explain the phenomena. This
scientific description indicates that the two men simultaneously saw
objects which in fact had no reality. But has science cataloged all
aspects of reality?"

The experiences of Fellin and Thorne raise many disturbing questions.
It is reminiscent of reports that when cave explorer Floyd Collins
was trapped in and underground passageway. During the feverish
attempt to rescue Collins, he babbled frequently about "people" who
appeared before him. Is there some sort entity-from our collective
psyche or- another universe, or perhaps even the Hollow Earth - that
appears in a life-or-death crisis?

We might suspect that the entities appearing before-Fellin and Thorne
were angels. This is easily suggested because of the first "vision,"
that of Pope John and the golden cross. What is disturbing is that
some entities toward- the final days exhibited unangelic behavior,
projecting an ugly, distorted image. Were these final figures
representatives of the devil?

There has been a long and often debated belief in some sort of entity
living in caves and caverns. Mother Shipton, the controversial
English psychic, claimed to obtain her predictive powers from an
entity that dwelled in a cave outside her home town. The ancient
clairvoyant claimed she was powerless to forecast the future unless
assisted by her "elemental."

If only one person had been trapped in the mine, we might conclude he
had suffered from delusions. The strain of being trapped far below
the surface, not knowing if help can reach you, would certainly
create a tremendous block in any man's mind. Unless we consider that
the two trapped miners "suggested" these presences to each other, we
can only conclude that the entities were either real or a product of
their imagination.If they were somehow a part of reality, then
something or someone may inhabit the subterranean world.

Fellin and Thorne's mention of the "stairway and doors" brings to
mind other interesting reports of that nature. Another enigmatic
piece of evidence was uncovered by Tom Kenny of Plateau Springs,
Colorado, when he started to build a vegetable cellar in 1936.
Kenny planned to store vegetables from his garden in the.cellar, and
he was digging fairly deep to avoid the frozen earth in Colorado. He
had dug ten feet down when he hit a sharp object with the blade of
his shovel. The astonished gardener discovered his excavation was
blocked by a "road" of level pavement. The "road" was composed of
numerous smooth, well-laid tiles that measured exactly five inches

Mystified by his discovery, Kenny had an analysis made of his
subterranean highway. He learned that the motar was composed of
substances different, than those used in his area of Colorado. The
strange pavement still lies beneath the Colorado earth, no one
checking to discover where it started or ended. Another road made
from carefully formed stone slabs was discovered near Blue Lick
Springs, Kentucky, :a few years ago. These slabs had been carefully
laid in a manner to form a subterranean road. Both of these
discoveries may be linked to an ancient civilization that once
existed in America. They might also be some sort of altar used by the
indians or mound-builders, long since covered over by dirt and

But that is an unlikely explanation for a discovery that turned up in
a strip mine operated. by Captain Edward Lacey at
Hammondsville, :Ohio. Coal miner James Parsons was working in the
mine in the spring of 1868. Parsons had been hired by Captain Lacey
to blast out a large vein of coal that ran through the mountainside.

Parson's first explosion uncovered a large, smooth-door in the
hillside. The slate-like doorway was covered with mysterious
hieroglyphics of an unkown origin. ". . . Hundreds of people have
crowded into the pit to see this strange device," wrote a local
reporter, who explained that everyone in the area was mystified by
the discovery.

There was intense interest in the unusual artifacts for several days,
but after two weeks, local residents lost interest in the discovery.
Captain Lacey ordered mining to resume and the doors were
subsequently covered by slag and earth. Another encounter with cave
entities took place in 1969 when a tunnel was being constructed under
the Thames river. Lou Chalmers was a member of the construction crew,
a tough Irish laborer who was accustomed to tunnel work. However,
Chalmers and other laborers were "spooked" by something that started
to haunt the Thames project.

Chalmers was working alone in the tunnel, clearing away mud and muck,
when something - or someone - brushed against the back of his
neck. "I figured it was one of the other fellows," is how Chalmers
related his experience to English newsmen. "I turned around and it
looked to be about seven feet high. I saw something that had the
shape of a man. I was scared because the thing had its arms
outstretched as if it was trying to get out of something- or grab me.
I didn't stay around long enough to make out the fine details about
the thing's appearance. I just ran!I"

Another worker, George (Nobby) O'Brien had dismissed Chalmer's report
as "silly." Then, O'Brien came running out of the same area of the
tunnel one afternoon, white and trembling. "Nobby didn't talk much
about it," recalled Colin Cobb, another of the tunnel workers. "All
he said was that he'd met the thing. He told me it was like the
figure of a man or something that sort of looked like a man. He
walked right off the job and headed to a pub for a good stiff drink.
He didn't come back on the job. He just walked away and kept going."

Whatever O'Brien encountered in the tunnel must have been a
frightening sight. He walked away from a job that paid $312 per week.
At that time, Albert McDonald, an English occultist, ran an
organization called the Hollow Earth Society. The group had a limited
membership; they published a bulletin to report on their
investigations and theories. Tom McGee, a society researcher, checked
out reports on the tunnel.

"Irishmen have always talked about subterranean people, wee folk,
fairies, elves and that sort of thing," said.McGee. "The Thames
tunnel entity was not in that category. The thing wears a brown
overcoat and a cap. Some of the workers report that it isn't an
overcoat, but a robe of some type. Maybe the spectre is the ghost of
someone who was buried during the time when the black plague struck
London in the old days. "

Posted by Dean

Dean , this is quite an interesting account of miners trapped inside a mine...I wonder what would happen , if such an experiment were conducted voluntarily in a controlled manner where a mine was caved in , in a preplanned manner , with some researchers confining themselves underground in complete darkness , for say about a week , then report on their experiences .

Of course, all through this "pre-planned experiment" , the "trapped" researchers would have full confidence and awareness that they are safe and would be rescued should anything go wrong during the exercise . Also , they would be carrying necessary supplies of food and water before their planned confinement .



I think that the deepest mine in the world is about 9 miles deep; I forgot where. A great experiment would be to take it down another 9 miles, and then expect to see omnipresent light begin to manifest, and gravity weaken. (Fat chance!)


@deandddd , some of the deepest manmade mines are in South Africa and I think one of the mine shafts there could be selected for such a "controlled" experiment . I feel , the following requirements must be met to get any meaningful results from the experiment :-

  1. The experiment would begin with a set of 2 or at most 3 participants , being artificially "sealed" inside a deep mine shaft , cutting off their access to the surface .

  2. The participants will not use any torch , flashlight or other form of artificial illumination , right through this exercise . They must spend one entire week in complete darkness .

  3. The only supplies the participants would carry with them , would be adequate food and water to last for little over a week .

  4. The participants would be provided with infrared goggles to "see" in the dark and infrared cameras to record & transmit (up to the surface) in real time , anything that they "see" in the darkness .

  5. No walkie-talkie or other form of communication with the surface to be used , i.e. complete radio silence , for the duration of this experiment - except for an emergency .

Essentially , such an experiment would be extremely interesting not just to test the Cavern worlds hypothesis of Hollow Earth theory , but also as a psychological experiment , to observe how humans react to such a scenario of being "entombed" alive , inside a deep mine shaft , in total darkness . The participants of such an experiment could possibly hallucinate and that too could provide vital insights into "altered states of consciousness" . If any sort of supernatural "entities" inhabit cavern worlds below , they might just pop up during the course of such an exercise...scary !!

I guess , not everyone is cut out to take part in such an extreme experiment , certainly NOT folks who've got claustrophobia (like myself) ! It would surely be a test of sanity & endurance , for anybody to spend one whole week , deep beneath the surface , that too under such excruciating circumstances .

I am wondering , if such an unconventional experiment ever gets conducted , would any members of our group even be willing to volunteer as the participants ?? :))



I think that the infrared idea is good, but commercial infrared filters, beginning with security cameras, only show the uppper fringes of infrared. You could go down to a mine and just turn off the lights and the beings will show up just fine if they are there, it isn't a matter of sealing anything off. But you need to use an infrared filter that covers the whole band.

Some amatuer astronomers have them, you would have to ask around. But I think that you have to offer some token justification as to why you want it. Procede carefully, talk with friends first and see if someone knows aboout them.

I once saw on online video, and it was there months later, too; that showed a security camera in a hospital hallway in China where a bed had been parked along the side for a bit, probably due to overflow. Third world hospital for the average peoplee are like that. Anyway, the faint image of a hooded personality rose up, sat up, from within a lady's body and folded a dim net, which had her bright soul in the middle, and then flew off. It all lasted about three seconds.

This is exactly how the Puranas describe the Yamadutas, the agents of Yamaraj, the Grim Reaper. It is described that they yank the soul of the sinful from the heart with a net and capture the soul, who violently struggles in order to remain within the body.

You could do a lot with a good infrared setup; in dark basements, caves or even mines. If you could get far enough down, you might find a different type of spirit.


@deandddd , the reason I thought about temporarily "sealing in" the participants of such an experiment is because of a hunch that if there are indeed some "entities" inhabiting the cavern worlds below , they would manifest only if they were convinced that the participants have actually been cut off from the surface .

At the same time , even the participants need to believe they have really been isolated inside a deep mine shaft (for a limited time , of course) - only then can this experiment double up as a study of human behaviour & resilience , when exposed to such extraordinary situations...those unfortunate miners who actually experience such harrowing circumstances in real life , rarely survive to explain what they had experienced .

So , I reckon it would be very , very hard to find any volunteers willing to participate in such a bizarre , extreme experiment :)) it's way beyond adventure sports like bungee jumping - even cave diving , for that matter.



Ah, understood.

One idea, which would be easy and cheap, would be to just leave an infrared camera down there, leave and turn off the lights.


@deandddd , you maybe right about this , though my gut feel is that the presence of human consciousness might increase the chances of "paranormal activity" to occur , given that such entities are drawn towards the human psyche...



Could be ...