Long Tunnel

Maybe of interest;


Amazing, I'd like to see this kind of info for western Europe and more details on these in the USA as well. Apparently there are very ancient ones in South Africa that Michael Tellinger has seen / shown and discussed briefly.


This reminds me of the Tibetan comment that "all tunnels lead to Tibet".

One thing is for sure, the underground manipulation of the surface world is in full swing.


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@Soretna , the tunnels in South Africa that Michael Tellinger wrote about , are apparently over 200,000 years old...he seems to suggest a linkage to the Sumerian mythology of Anunaki creating the first primitive humans , much earlier than what anthropologists estimate , through genetic experiments - for the purpose of gold mining (South Africa has the largest known gold reserves on Earth) .


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Yes, but is he right? Was it built by them? There's a lot to say about all of these surrounding things, but I guess the real key is MAPS... Where are the maps of these locations? I'd love to find or even assemble such a map myself if one doesn't exist (or a cohesive / comprehensive one).

@Soretna , I am increasingly of the opinion that the age of ancient civilisations has been GROSSLY underestimated . It also seems that over vast timescales there have existed "different streams" (not races) of humanity , that sort of blended over the ages , to form the current "composite version" of mankind .