List Biz: Update & Email Question

Hey Everyone, I wanted to apologize for some email trouble. Recently there was a glitch with the system from an update that caused emails to not be delivered for the last few weeks or so.

There have been some interesting posts and discussions going on. Please be sure to visit even if you don't see email updates - something is always going on:

Please be sure to check out the various posts, including Dean's recent post about "Bridges on Mars, Mountain Tunnels". And did you hear about the >100ºF temperatures in Siberia?!

If you visit this link, regardless of whether or not you see emails coming in, you'll always see the latest posts. As you scroll down more and more posts will load up for you so you can go back in history to see all posts you might have missed.

Additionally, if anyone has any questions or would like some help in changing their preferences to receive immediate email updates or summary updates, please feel free to send us an email at: [email protected]

We're hoping to get a gallery in place soon to share interesting photos more easily. Harry Hubbard has graciously granted us permission to share his photographic collections. These include fascinating images that have very serious implications to the fabric of faulty modern history beliefs.