Light at Great Depths

That post, or rather, those, about the tunnel systems under Peru just stay in my mind. The Incas seemed to have gone underground- in the case of
the Aztecs, I think that it was/is very obvious.

They both practiced human sacrifice. Imagine what could happen to us
were we to wander in the wrong neighborhoods.

The-Man-That-Did-It in the book Etidorhpa reported an omnipresent
luminosity at about 15
miles below the Earth’s surface, whereas it had been
black. Here is one piece about that from Chapter 16 of Etidorhpa:

"I comprehend some of this," I replied; "but I am neither
prepared to assent to nor dissent from your conclusions, and my mind is not
clear as to whether your logic is good or bad. I am more ready to speak plainly
about my own peculiar situation than to become absorbed in abstruse arguments
in science, and I marvel more at the soft light that is here surrounding us
than at the metaphysical reasoning in which you indulge."

"The child ignorant of letters wonders at the resources of those who can
spell and read, and, in like manner, many obscure natural phenomena are
marvelous to man only because of his ignorance. You do not comprehend the fact
that sunlight is simply a matter-bred expression, an outburst of interrupted
energy, and that the modification this energy undergoes makes it visible or
sensible to man. What, think you, becomes of the flood of light energy that
unceasingly flows from the sun? For ages, for an eternity, it has bathed this earth
and seemingly streamed into space, and space it would seem must have long since
have been filled with it, if, as men believe, space contains energy of any
description. Man may say the earth casts the amount intercepted by it back into
space, and yet does not your science teach that the great bulk of the earth is
an absorber, and a poor radiator of light and heat? What think you, I repeat,
becomes of the torrent of light and heat and other forces that radiate from the
sun, the flood that strikes the earth? It disappears, and, in the economy of
nature, is not replaced by any known force or ally known motion of matter.
Think you that earth substance really presents an obstacle to the passage of
the sun's energy? Is it not probable that most of this light producing essence,
as a subtle fluid, passes through the surface of the earth and into its
interior, as light does through space, and returns thence to the sun again, in
a condition not discernible by man?" He grasped my arm and squeezed it as
though to emphasize the words to follow. "You have used the term sunshine
freely; tell me what is sunshine? Ah! you do not reply; well, what evidence
have you to show that sunshine ( heat and light ) is not earth-bred, a
condition that exists locally only, the result of contact between matter and
some unknown force expression? What reason have you for accepting that, to
other forms unknown and yet transparent to this energy, your sunshine may not
be as intangible as the ether of space is to man? What reason have you to believe
that a force torrent is not circulating to and from the sun and earth,
inappreciable to man, excepting the mere trace of this force which, modified by
contact action with matter appears as heat, light, and other force expressions?
How can I, if this is true, in consideration of your ignorance, enter into
details explanatory of the action that takes place between matter and a portion
of this force, whereby in the earth, first at the surface, darkness is
produced, and then deeper down an earth light that man can perceive by the
sense of sight, as you now realize? I will only say that this luminous
appearance about us is produced by a natural law, whereby the flood of energy,
invisible to man, a something clothed now under the name of darkness, after streaming
into the crust substance of the earth, is at this depth, revivified, and then
is made apparent to mortal

eye, to be modified again as it emerges from the opposite earth crust, but not
annihilated. For my vision, however, this central light is not a necessity; my
physical and mental development is such that the energy of darkness is
communicable; I can respond to its touches on my nerves, and hence I can guide
you in this dark cavern. I am all eye."

" Ah! "I exclaimed, " that reminds me of a remark made by my
former guide who, referring to the instinct of animals, spoke of that as a
natural power undeveloped in man. Is it true that by mental cultivation a new
sense can be evolved whereby darkness may become as light?"

"Yes; that which you call light is a form of sensible energy to which the
faculties of animals who live on the surface of the earth have become adapted,
through their organs of sight. The Sun’s energy is modified when it strikes the
surface of the earth; part is reflected, but most of it passes onward into the
earth's substance, in an altered or disturbed condition.”


The above understanding is important. If we can’t explain heat and light
at great depths, how are we going to conjecture that the Aztecs went below when
they fled from Pizarro? Fled below to what? To stumble in darkness, huddle, and
die of hunger?

Or to luminous worlds with vegetation and streams? How could it be so?
Only Etidorhpa tells us, and Caters expounds on Etidorhpa to try to make it a
bit more understandable for us.


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And green light?