James McBride: Scrapbook of Articles on the Hollow Earth Theory Lectures of John Symmes

The following is a journalized book circa 1819 with articles from before and around this time onward:

Thanks for sharing @Soretna . The time around the year 1819 was highly significant for the Hollow Earth theory...it was almost a mainstream idea at that point in time .


It's a very easy thing to think of ourselves as superior today in our thought processes and discoveries. Unfortunately beliefs today are compounded lies insomuch that theory is built upon theory is built upon theory without ever having come to the truth. Experiments used to be built upon data and now experiments are designed to yield desired data. Likewise with "peer reviewed" research - it's all one big self propagating sickening social media frenzy that's hidden to and for the lay-people.

It's such an atrocity that we can no longer ask questions without negative effect.

Well said @Soretna , the more I read about Symmes , the more I am convinced that he came very , very , very close to establishing the Hollow Earth Theory as a science fact...just a few random incidents somehow derailed his lifelong efforts , right on the verge of a major breakthrough...very unfortunate indeed , for humanity as a whole...seems as though fate itself conspired against his success - it could have gone either way and the history of the last 200 years could have been totally different...!


Hmmm, @sidharthabahadur I wonder if we should collect a list of all books about Symmes for reference? It seems that there may be some worthwhile in understanding him better from the past. It's always better to dig up older material closer to the source. Most books so detached from topics by time are nearly always failures so it would seem worthwhile to pull together a reference set.

Yes , sure @Soretna . I think Symmes was taking a methodical approach - he had the right contacts , was a fairly well connected and resourceful person and had even figured out the funding for his plans...the older texts contemporary to Symmes could reveal undercurrents of his era that we may have missed . In general , people writing during that time were more innocent and honest than contemporary writers - who often have an axe to grind and tend to present the story of Symmes as a joke , depicting him like some Quixotic character.