Is There an Underwater UFO Base Off the Southern California Coast?

Is There an Underwater UFO Base Off the Southern California Coast?


Why underwater? What if the saucers enter some cave opening on the
seabed and then access some tunnel system and finally, a cavern world?

This is what we find on page 175 of Alien Identities, Dr. Richard L
Thompson ( ) relates an underground abduction
case where the underground base was accessed through the sea by UFO:
" On the evening of Januray 3, 1979, Cardenas, his friend Fernando
Marti,and Marti's wife and 13 year old daughter were driving around
on the outskirts of Hialeah, looking for a pig they could buy for a
roast. They were unsuccessful, and on the way home their car engine

The two men testified that the lights and starter wouldn't work, and
so they got out and began to look under the hood. At this point, they
suddenly saw red and violet alternating lights reflecting off the
engine and heard a sound like `many bees.' ... Filiberto felt
paralyzed, and he began to rise in the air shouting " Don't take me,
don't take me." Later he recounted a strange and elaborate story that
began when he awoke to find himself sitting, paralyzed, in the
presence of a robot-like being and two men in tight-fitting
suits. ... Filiberto said the alien beings looked quite human. They
had elongated eyes with eyelashes, small flattened noses, long
lipless mouths, and light beards. They also wore a symbol on the
right of their chests, consisting of a serpent on a lazy X.

The story becomes even more extraordinary: The beings proceeded to
take Filiberto to an underground base, traveling beneath the sea at
high speed through a tunnel of " firmed water " that seemed to open
in front of the craft so that water did not touch it. At the base, he
met a human who was working with the aliens, and he was led through
what seemed like a city."

Dr. Thompson goes on to relate that Filiberto had several experiences
while in this underground base accessed through the sea, some of them
biological, some of them suggestive of mind control, then he was
finally dropped off again on the surface. (End of Quote from Book)

So this underwater base business can be seen in a different light. I
always say that the underground origins of UFOs is the missing link,
it is where we get led astray and duped like sheep, where we get
oriented towards the Zeta Piscium star system instead of underneath
our own feet. I wish that I could get this understanding generalized,
but there isn´t too much evidence and most people just don´t want to
follow up on it.

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Is There an Underwater UFO Base Off the Southern California Coast?

Because you can leave the savages up top and they won't bother you.

If it was a place like Antarctica, it would help avoid dealing with
the glaciers and the cold up top, and the isolation has a lot of


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Why underwater? What if the saucers enter some cave opening on the
seabed and then access some tunnel system and finally, a cavern world?


Here is a new article telling us what what we have known for a long time, that the UFOs, and the "Greys", and the preying Mantis types, all come from the bowels of the crust of the Earth. Read the article, and then refresh your minds by reading this thread from the top. There are only a could of posts.

New International UFO Group Says UFOs And ETs Are Coming From Underwater Bases


@deandddd , I think Point Dume , just off the Los Angeles Coast , refers to this same region , with it's underwater base...



Yes, and the two youths in the excerpt from the book below had their experience in that region, Santa Catalina:

Consider one of the more recent descriptions from the book Extraterrestrial Visitations: True Accounts of Contact by Preston Dennett: Taken to an Underground Base.

"The standard abduction scenario usually involves a person being taken inside a UFO and examined by grey-type extraterrestrials. But again, this scenario is not as common as many might believe. The following is a case in which a young man was abducted, not by grey-type ETs, but by praying-mantis type ETs. Nor was he taken inside a UFO. In fact, he recalled being taken to an apparent underground base!"

“In 1967, twelve-year-old, Paul Nelson (pseudonym) was visiting the island of Catalina with his parents. Also along was Paul's best friend, Michael (pseudonym.) The two boys decided to go inside their boat and read some new comic books. Suddenly, however, they both experienced an episode of missing time. Their next memory was of waking up the next morning. While Paul was unable to convince his parents that anything unusual had happened, both Paul and his friend knew that the event was strange. Two weeks later, Paul was alone in his Reseda, California home when he had another strange experience. He was alone in his room when the door began to rattle. He jumped up and threw it open. To his shock, he saw the shadow of a small figure running down the hallway. He chased after it, but found nothing. “

Paul didn't know how to explain these experiences and didn't connect it to the UFO phenomenon. However, afterwards he developed an interest in UFOs and began to read up on the subject.

“Many years later, he grew up, married, became a doctor and had two children. Then he had a UFO sighting of a distant object in the daytime sky. This renewed his interest in UFOs. He began reading about the missing time aspect of UFO encounters when he realized that he had experienced missing time. “ Intrigued, he eventually underwent hypnosis to recover his lost memories. Having read about UFOs, he expected to find that he had a frightening encounter, during which he would be examined by grey-type ETs, aboard a UFO using highly technological equipment. Instead, it was nothing like this."

“As Paul underwent the regression, his first surprise was that he was not aboard a UFO, but instead appeared to be in an underground base. Says Paul, "I was taken to a round-walled room. It seemed to me more underground than it did onboard a ship. The walls had kind of rock-like facet to them. And I was on a table. Yeah, rock-like walls rather than metallic craft-type walls. It gave the impression that I was in a cavern [rather] than in a ship. It was more of an underground feeling, that's true. That is a little anomalous."

"Under hypnosis, Paul recalled his friend Michael, nearby, also being examined. His next surprise was that the beings were what he expected. Says Paul, ‘The beings weren't the typical greys, they were more the 'Praying Mantis' type, as I later understood. The eyes were slightly bigger than what is seen in the typical small grey, and a little more insectoid-likeThey wore tight-fitting uniforms, I believe. There was even a color to them, but I can't remember what the color wastight-fitting jump-suit like things. I think there was one in that bunch that had a tunic-type thing, more looser fitting over it. I couldn't tell how tall they were because they were over me and I was on my back. So I couldn't give you the exact height. They didn't look particularly tall though.’"

List Members, I don't know what is going on inside of this planet. What are these beings up to? What does all this have to do with the undermining of western civilization that has been going on for such a long time?

Cheers! Or should I say "Fears"