Ionel Dinu: Aether, Electrigen, the Magnetic Effect of the Electric Current - and Gravity...

Stumbled upon a very interesting theory / explanation of electricity, magnetism and gravity, etc. in relation to the [a]ether:

His other videos are also interesting:

Lori Gardi (Fractal Woman) created his animations / renderings and has another followup teaser video here:

ionel's paper referenced above is here:

His 2007 paper or the origin of gravity is here:

@Soretna , this is great stuff ! One of these videos clearly references the torus shape . I will spend some time correlating this with David LaPoint's work and see if I notice some more connections .




@deandddd @sidharthabahadur @Echo_on this may be the most important foundational video on this topic of the aether / ether to date. Please watch and then very carefully read the paper I noted above on gravity, that I'll link to again here:

It starts to get particularly interesting from page 6 on!

@deandddd you will find his discussion to be PARTICULARLY interesting at about page 8!!! Remind you of someone when he starts talking about radiation and the methodology? Yep, Cater! I believe, however, Ionel Dinu's elaboration is more approachable and actionable thus far...

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@soretna , good to see you have expanded on this thread...I hope this track gathers strength , to dispel the FRAUDULENT propaganda by mainstream science around Dark matter/Dark energy/Black Holes etc.

The ether and ripples in the ether i.e. scalar waves , are the surefire silver bullet that can slay this demon of ignorance - the "dark science methodology" , that imposes "cosmic fudge factors" eg. dark matter , dark energy on our understanding of the Universe , pushing ALL of science into a Black Hole of stupidity !