insights, How to create a Aether ring vortex (by evostars)

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I Finally realize how to create ring toroid/vortex Aether fields with 2 Bifilar pancake coils (made of speaker wire).
The key is using one coil to push, and the other to pull, So a unidirectional flow of Aether around the coils is created.
When this is done, the coils assist each other and current draw is extremely lowered. this already has been experimentaly proven (in my radiant power video).

the L1 coil is being pulsed, with a 50%duty square wave (at the resonant frequency of the other coil).
The L2 is series resonant. Both coils are coupled (or slightly distanced).

The L1 coil produces a negative back EMF/inductive spike (impulse of 500nS). This represents the magnetic field energy that was build up in the coil, and is transformed into a instant dielectric field impulse. So the coil has a sudden very short very strong dielectric field, which has pressure, and represents the push.

That same impulse/ inductive spike/ negative back emf, is fed into the series resonant L2 coil.

The series resonance provides a low impedance(wire resistance) path for the impulse to move to ground (V+ acts a s ground for negative voltage). The L2 coil has a diectric field, before and after the impulse, made from the resonant maximum positive voltage on the inside rim, and the neutral dc voltage on its outside rim.

the impulse, enters the L2 coil, via the series resonant tuning capacitor, and neutralizes the dielectric field of L2.
This is done, by lowering the resonant voltage to the dc voltage, on the outside rim, both ends of the bifilar coil become equal voltage, and there for there is no voltage difference between its windings, and thus no dielectric field.

This is a collapse of pressure, creating a vacuum. this represents the pulling in of the Aether.

by coupling the L1 and L2 coils the L1 pushes the Aether, and the L2 pulls the Aether.
The causes the Aether to be sucked into L1 and pushed out of L2. The Aether is set into motion, and will flow around the coils (as with a audio speaker without enclosure, will create acoustic feedback from front to back).

I will put this into a video, as pictures hardly explain it.

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@soretna , please watch this video about free energy generated by the Rodin coil :-

Hey @Soretna , come to think of it...the Primer fields described by David LaPoint actually have 2 ring vortices inside the confinement dome - the flip ring and choke ring . So , the same concept of the dual ring vortices applies there as well .

So , even the Primer field concept has the potential to generate free energy by using dual ring vortices - the output being Scalar/Vril/Orgone/ZPE/Ether/Prana/Chi energy !

Hmmm...extremely interesting indeed !


This seems true... Got a timestamp on a particular video that gives the most clear / succinct image of this?

@Soretna , the collimated jets of charged particles shooting out of the so called "Supermassive Black Holes" , at the center of each galaxy , are the best example of this phenomena .

In this regard , David LaPoint's concept of "flip point" also becomes important . The flip point lies outside the Primer Field and is the point at which the polarity of the magnetic particles being shot out from the choke ring , flips . This is exactly in line with observations of the collimated jets , at galactic cores , supposedly shooting out of the so called "Supermassive Black Holes" , at the heart of galaxies .

**In any case , a stream of charged particles shooting out of a so called "Black Hole" , is itself an excellent example of free energy , isn't it ? :))