Indications on mass energy increase on planets and moons by Ruud Loeffen

Ruud Loeffen has shared an interesting article that is very compatible with Hollow Planets with expanding bodies:

August 20, 2022

Dear colleagues and friends.

“Does mass expand based on the Lorentz Transformation of Mass-Energy? Does an object with an accelerated velocity or an orbiting velocity increase in Mass?”. This question contains a related question: “Does relativistic mass increase in mass energy if this mass is accelerated or in orbital around a central mass?”.

To me, this question is important because I firmly believe that all matter is expanding along with an expanding universe. I suspect that not only the universe is expanding, but also the earth, all planets in our solar system, all atoms, electrons, and nuclei. All matter. Me too. You too.

In this paper, I gathered many indications indicating a possible expansion of planets and moons. Have a look and judge for yourself. Pay attention to all publications from JWST, HST, and other observations.

Expansion might be the 5th dimension along with the three spatial dimensions (x, y, z) and time.

The content of this paper is summarized in my 12-minute video “EXPANDING MATTERS. Expansion the 5th dimension”.

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and on my profile page on Ruud Loeffen | Zuyd University of Applied Sciences -

You may want to view this latest paper
EXPANSION. The 5th dimension.

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You can find all my work about EXPANDING MATTER. OVERVIEW OF ALL LINKS RUUD LOEFFEN Update dd JULY 15, 2022

Best regards.

Ruud Loeffen.

Content overview of this article:

  • My quest for the truth is governed by this question. 2
  • Possible expansion of the ocean floor and continents. 3
    • Mid-ocean ridges 3
    • The Model of Oceanic Crust Expansion 7
  • Possible ocean ridges on continents. 9
    • Western Sahara 10
    • Australia 14
  • Indications of expanding surfaces on planets and moons. 15
    • Mars 16
    • Venus 22
    • Mercury. 23
    • Pluto. 24
    • Pluto's moon Charon 25
    • Jupiter’s moon Europa 26
    • Saturn’s moon Titan 28
    • Saturn’s moon Enceladus. 28
    • Jupiter's moon Io. 30
    • Ceres dwarf planet. 30
    • Earth’s moon Moon 30
  • Data about exoplanets 32
    • Increasing orbital distances from several planets and moons. 38
    • What is a circumplanetary disk? 39
    • Distances in an expanding universe with expanding celestial objects. 42
  • The base for expansion by the Lorentz transformation of mass-energy. 44
    • The VRMS 44
    • Two levels of accretion or expansion 45
    • Influx stream based on the Lorentz Transformation of mass-energy. 46
  • I invite researchers 48
  • The way matter originates from a universal aether-like energy field 49
  • These are my convictions and insights 53
  • Referrers to my insights. 55
  • Thanks to my colleagues and friends for their remarks. 56

@Soretna , a really thought provoking paper ! It could have far reaching implications for science...


I now think the expanding Earth model can synchronise very well with this could lead to something more profound...hmm !


Another update from Ruud Loeffen:

Dear colleagues and friends.

The images of the James Webb Space Telescope and other sources inspire many scientists and amateurs to come forward with statements based on new observations.

We find already a lot of articles about possible interpretations of the presented data on “easy to access” media like, Quora, Facebook and private online publications.

Peer-reviewed papers need some more time to be published. There will be thousands soon about the discoveries from JWST.

This article is also an attempt to “liken” the images with my insights. I present the most important links supporting my insights in the next chapter.

This article is a follow-up to my paper DOES JWST INDICATE A STEADY STATE OF CREATION? I gathered additional indications about the way celestial bodies grow. I compare the images and data with my convictions about expanding matter in an expanding universe.

You can find this article here: Likening the images of JWST and other sources.pdf - Google Drive

It is also uploaded to If you want to participate in the comment session, please join: Discussion: Likening the images of JWST and other sources -

I would not bother you if I would find evidence that expansion of all matter would be a flawed idea. But it happens to be the contrary. This paper likens many new discoveries to the probability that all matter is expanding in an expanding universe, along with growing galaxies, planets, and moons arising in protoplanetary discs and in line with many indications that planets and moons are still growing.

“The observer cannot be left out of the description of the observation.”
”The laws of physics that we regard as 'sacred,' as immutable, are anything but.”
John Archibald Wheeler
We are all expanding. #metoo, #youtoo. “The observer cannot be left out of the description of the observation.”

You can find all my work about EXPANDING MATTER. Expanding matter. Overview of all files Ruud Loeffen - Google Docs

Best regards.

Ruud Loeffen

@Soretna , I really liked the above insights from Ruud Loeffen !


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@Soretna , I had a bizarre epiphany...the ruins of ancient settlements are invariably found buried underground - the deeper they're found , the more ancient they are . The same applies for fossils of creatures that are long extinct , such as dinosaurs .

The conventional explanation is , that over time more and more dust and sediment gets piled up , hence ancient sites and fossils get buried deeper into the ground .

**However , could it be that the expansion of the Earth itself (over aeons) SUBSUMES ancient sites & fossils , thus embedding them deeper and deeper inside the ground ??

What do you think ?


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This is a very interesting thought... Could you walk us through your mental modeling and a scenario a bit more with a more detailed stepwise process of this happening some example object?

Yes sure , thanks @Soretna . I do want to add a qualifier though...ancient settlements and fossils do of course get buried due to pile up of dust and sediment , but my thought is - is that the only factor , or is Earth's expansion itself also a contributor , something akin to a rise in water level of a river submerging an object on it's river bed to greater depth...

I will think through over next few days and reply in more detail .


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