In the Sky?


Please consider this piece from a Pravda article:

"The mysterious creatures of the sky can be traced in the history of
the Roman Empire. According to ancient manuscripts, giant red ravens
were seen flying in the sky above Rome in the year 106 B.C. Ancient
writings say that the birds were carrying red-hot stones in their
beaks. The ravens dropped and stones down on the ground, having
scorched a half of the city. Similar fire-like creatures reminiscent
of birds were seen in France and Portugal, in Middle Ages. They were
called fire elementalias, specters of fire. Fire-birds caused
numerous fires in the middle of the 1980s in San-Juan, Puerto Rico.
Eyewitnesses said that the birds were huge, with a wing-spread of
about four meters."

They don't live in the sky. If they did, where would they roost,
sleep, hatch their young, ect? and the article speaks of snakes. Now
please- we all know that snakes live underground, so these creatures
are from there. They come up to the surface to carry out their
agendas, and then they fly in the sky. They don't live in the sky.


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Fire birds in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the 1980s ? ? ? (read the post above)

Paint me green and call me a pickle!!!

If they live within the earthly sphere, they must live within the crust, because they've never been spotted on the surface.

By the way, there are other examples: Thunderbirds


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