Hybrid Populations, Co-planetarians and UFO Abduction Purposes


Here is something from my article Rakshasha Influence: Make The Connection.

You'll notice that our co-planetarian, UFO occupants have nurseries for hybrid children. Perhaps this is why there is a de-population agenda being carried out. Perhaps our "co-planetarians" have a whole population of hybrids ready to take their place.

And notice that access to our astral bodies and soul centers seem to take place through the genes.

"Genetic collection and manipulation seem to be the principal activity of these UFO-borne Daityas and Danavas. Women are their main abduction victims, in approximately 80% of the cases, according to the book Secret Life, by Jacobs. Biological probing; extraction of the human egg, artificial insemination, incubation, birthing and nursing seem to be their main interests. The same women, once (genetically) identified, are preyed upon again and again for the purpose of egg extraction. DNA seems acts as a via medium between the subtle astral plane, where consciousness dwells, and the physical world. In this way, their indentification and cultivation of certain genetic types comes to make sense; certain DNA strains (cefas) open the body up to manipulation by these Daityas and Danavas, currently known as reptilians and the Greys. And the preditors want those strains every time! In fact, the current genetic collection activities could even have the purpose of developing suitable bodies for occupation by demoniac, reptilian souls who could then take birth and walk among us; this would relieve them of the necessity of having to manipulate human beings who have already taken birth. Reports of large nurseries [berçarios] suggest that a whole legion of half-breed human-Daitya or Danava beings are being created."


Speaking about genetic manipulation, don’t forget that on Page 70 of Michael Mott’s book Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, 4th edition, a black and white drawing is presented of a long row of identical ladies in some underground cavern world, in front of an underworld goblin type of King sitting on a throne. The caption reads: “Sometimes the hero must identify the abducted from a line-up of duplicates, or clones. A similar scene takes place in the Mayan underworld of Xibalba, as recounted in the Popul Vuh. Could abductions for solely cloning purposes have taken place ?”.

I don’t know IF I should reproduce the drawing, so buy the book! It has an example of everything related to cavern worlds within the crust, the types of entities that live in them, and what their activites are. The book is very complete and encompassing.

What genetic wizards the underworlders are! They must be very intelligent. And they must be among us, but in human form. I don’t doubt that abductions take place in order to do a change-up and send one of theirs back topside in order to carry out agendas.

Cheers! Tears!

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