HUGE NEWS: TT Brown's Asymmetric Capacitor Aether Inertia Manipulation REPRODUCED!!!!!

Ivo ("Master Ivo") has managed to reproduce the work of Thomas Townsend Brown with his most recent open source research share on YouTube titled "Field Propulsion, Explained with Working Proof". This is EXTREMELY exciting because this is the first time someone has PUBLICLY and OPENLY reproduced the work of TT Brown with modern technology that can be reproduced by ANYONE!

Let me say this for the record and to underscore the profundity of this: this is nothing short of the discovery of fire or the first time someone discovered that wood floats on water and they could push it across the water with their finger and documented it and shared it with the world.

Sure, many people may have done this, but NO ONE has shared the "recipe" or exact details and procedure such that people can understand it and SEE that the ether is being manipulated.

(YouTube Link)

Yes, we see the aether all the time: light, electricity, magnetism, gravity radio waves - and the list goes on, but this is the first time someone has not only identified it openly and explains how the manipulation works in a consistent and functional manner.

This is NOT ionic wind! Sure, someone needs to demonstrate this with a vacuum chamber, but notwithstanding one can readily see that this is not the case.

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Very exciting , @Soretna - thanks a lot for sharing . I was also thrilled to hear the words "toroidal rings of the aether" , towards the end of this video !

@Echo_on , @Mitko_Gorgiev : Request your views on this as well . Thanks !


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Folks , here is a fascinating video :-


I used to talk to Ken a bit and he was interesting, but Lori Gardi (aka Fractal Woman) took the concepts a good bit farther in her videos and explanations. Ken keeps things at a conceptually "bird's eye view" level and his accompanying philosopher's terminology and lack of desire to bring things down to a practical level make his efforts of lower value. It's disappointing and frustrating, but understandable since he's had a very difficult life that has left him with a lot of emotional baggage and facilitates him getting very upset and frustrated easily when you try to develop any dialogue or working relationship with him. But that's alright, each person has their own proverbial cross to bear and indeed he has provided some interesting and valuable insights over the years that have really catalyzed things in a forward motion. His efforts to talk with and interpret Eric Dollard's insights (like Lori has too) are fantastic.

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@Soretna , you are right - every researcher is unique in their own right...Tesla had also frustrated many followers of science with his steadfast (maybe deliberate) refusal to properly document all his ideas :)) I suspect some researchers find it too boring to document their own ideas , or might feel it stifles their creativity , so they just "keep it in their head" - who knows ?

Anyhow , what I found amazing in this stunning video from Ken is how it validates so many of the complex toroidal-vortex shapes and KALEIDOSCOPIC (??!!) designs of Sacred Geometry , for which no real world phenomena were even known to exist...towards the end of the video I could make out the faint outline of the Primer fields as well !


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If you're interested in his videos, then you most certainly owe it to yourself to go watch all of Lori's videos ASAP:

@Soretna thanks for sharing...

I will have to watch the video over a few more times but it was interesting...

Not much fluctuation at the end but it was movement, and I would have liked to see the appearance at the end of the whole setup not just a close up...

Seems possible something is happening...

Imo it was a bit vague .. but that may be on purpose...


@Echo_on , I wonder if Tesla had done any similar experiment...he held radical views about the ether !


@Soretna @sidharthabahadur @Mitko_Gorgiev

I did a quick video to explain my thoughts...

Magnetic positive and negative poles from inscribed sphere.

..I forgot to mention that in the origin of the sphere exists the platonic oscillation....from this oscillation the flat torus is formed (the great circle) this is were the energy of both poles create all matter. The north and south energies are now forming light and magnetism in which the aether is the medium/field/container within the coiled sphere

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