Hollow Earth Theory Debate

There is no Hollow Earth theory; a theory is a proven hypothesis.

What "theories" (by your definition) would you say presently exist @alysdexia?

@alysdexia There is plenty of proof to go around. Books, maps, documentaries, etc.

Admittedly, you are right in that "theory" is an inadequate word to describe the true nature of our hollow earth. Perhaps we should call it Hollow Earth Fact, because there is really no refuting it once you have all the facts in view.

But regarding your definition of "theory," that is incorrect. A theory is simply a viewpoint or speculation, regardless of whether it is based on sound facts. A theory might be completely senseless, or completely rational and cogent.

This can be ascertained by a simple etymological investigation. The word "theory" first derived from Late Latin, theoria, which in turn comes from Greek theōria, which also comes from theōros (meaning spectator), which finally comes from thea; the root of the word theater. So a theory is simply a viewpoint or a speculation from a spectator.

Again, this is an inadequate encapsulation for the amount of supporting evidence showing that the earth is hollow. But for lack of a better term (or lack of creativity), people have opted to say "Hollow Earth Theory." Perhaps they have also done this to avoid offending blinkered people who would recoil at the thought that planets could be hollow.


Yes, but that is how the concept is presented as "Hollow Earth Theory". Not too many consider these topics empirical or academic, God forbid. Same with Flat Earth, of which is more of a psychosis than hypothesis.

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No, the spectator root means based on observation, not imagination. Usually -ul- makes the diminutive or pejorative inflection. For spec- it looks like two different roots got blended: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/specula#Etymology_3. A fact is the object or practical half of a theory; there are no facts without theories and vice versa.

A book doesn't prove anything but internal arguments. Nor do maps or documentaries. It sounds like you believe in religiose bullshit by the same rationale. In order to prove hollow Earth there must be a match between the dimensions in sonic, visual, radio, and stellar measurements.

@alysdexia I'm not talking about the root of spectator, but the root of theory. I can tell that you're one of those types who needs an appeal to authority, so here you go.

A fact is just a fact, no theory required. If you bite your hand, it will hurt. There is no theory needed to prove this fact. It's just a fact. Facts can exist without theories which are unnecessary to prove the fact, when firsthand observation is sufficient.

But I can also see that you're one of these types who likes to play word games and look smart online. No one is going to be fooled by your charade here, pal. And books, maps and documentaries actually can prove things because they are based on data and real observation. Two things you obviously lack. Go check out some science from some of the books we've discussed on our forum. They address the points you mention. There's no need for us to do your homework for you.

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I know the root of theory and meant that to relate to proof; I spend a huge amount of time in dictionaries and hav already readen the etymologhy, but on Wiktionary. As I said, speculation is different to spectation.

Firsthand observation repeated consistently then related, like your statement, is the same as theory. You don't get to twist the meanings of words to the popular illiterate [ab]usage.

I don't play word games here; you do. The medium is irrelevant to proof. Arguments prove things; arguments with data and observations prove the outside world. A story or picturebook doesn't count as proof, proof of the kind I formerly said. If you can match any material to that needed kind, post it here. Otherwise your posturing means you can't summarize or understand what you read so can't tell between proof and belief.

@alysdexia You're writing a lot of words, but not saying much. You're clearly a pugnacious fellow and you have no interest in any real discussion. I suggest you join a debate club or spend your time on reddit. Plenty of chances to argue with random people there. I'm sure they'd be much more awed by your haughty demeanor, or at least they'd have the time to waste arguing with you. I haven't got the time or energy to waste replying to all your points there, when you're clearly just craving to fulfill your self-image.

In any case, have a nice day, but please avoid filling our forum with your supercilious remarks and unproductive attitude. This forum is meant for productive discussion, not useless disparagement which we're all too familiar with on other websites.

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