Gravity Shielding, in the Depths Below


Cater on gravity shielding-

"Most of the Moon and Earth gravity radiations are created in the
first fifty miles of their crusts. Below that level, much of the
energy from the Sun has been transformed into [lower frequencies], and
the material of the Earth and Moon is permeated with them.

[Lower frequency radiations] will [ in turn ] screen out [ any deeper penetration
by ]the gravity radiations more effectively than solid matter because
the ethers that they are associated with are closer in frequency to
those of the gravity radiations."( P: 63 - 64 ) "


This last point, about soft particles screening out gravity
radiations deep within the crust, is very important. Mr. Cater is
presenting gravity shielding. This means that further down, in the
deep interior of the Earth's shell, the effects of gravity

"The reason for the limited penetrating ability of gravity
effects becomes evident. Since gravity radiations produce forces, it
follows that there are interactions which eventually disperse the
radiation." ( P -146 )"


One result of this gravity screening is that a person's weight
becomes reduced at that level. In such an environment, a grown person
could run faster and jump higher, to say the least! Wear and tear on
the body, and energy consumed would all be lessened, and one's
duration of life could be very different from that which we currently
experience on the surface.

Another result, from page 70 of The Awesome Life Force: "A major
objection to the existence of giant caverns deep inside the Earth
covering millions of square miles, is that the roofs should
collapse, even in low gravity. The high concentrations of
combinations of [lower frequency particles] inside these caverns screen out
gravity radiations far more effectively than solid matter. Therefore,
the roofs of these caverns have little or no gravity affecting them."

So the existence of lower frequency radiation in the strata below 50 miles acts as a barrier to penetration by the frequency which induces gravity effects.

The frequency which induces gravity effects is only active further up closer to the surface.

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