Giant Toad Encounter in China


I just put the following on my Chinese Cave Heaven page. I think it fits in.

"And here is something else Chinese from Fate Magazine, September of 1990 issue, as quoted by William Michael Mott in his book Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, :

"In 1987, a group of scientists from Peking University were settting up to film wildlife in deep pools - unplumbed, really - near Wuhan, Hubei Province. As they were setting up their cameras and cables, three gigantic beasts, with gaping mouths six feet wide, emerged from the water and began to swim towards the stunned men, who were led by Professor Chen Mok Chun.

The group of nine witnesses described these creatures as 'giant toads', pale and ghastly, who examined the men with hunger; one of the things shot out a gigantic tongue, wrapped it around some camera tripods, and devoured them. The other two suddenly screamed horribly, and then all three submerged into the unexplored depths of the pool (Dr. Karl Shuker)."

These two paragraphs are to be found on Page 173 of the third edition, under part XIV, the deception of the depths, subheading 3, Water, Water, Everywhere. In the fourth edition, it is on Page 209.

It is not a good idea to go exploring underground caves and cavern worlds; not only are they the habitats of the creatures of European folkore, but there are other creatures down there, too. These giant toads originated from below.