"Ghosts In The Ether" & Distinti Reviews Various Theories - Electric Universe, Tesla, Ken Wheeler, Eric Dollard, Edward Leedskalnin, Jefimenko/Heaviside, Etc.

Robert Distinti posted an interesting video wherein he covers his understanding of various theories and their weaknesses as per his own understanding of them:

Here's a chart from his video he produced:

Perhaps the most interesting part is a revelatory point that struck me powerfully since I previously missed it: He conveys the concept of a "super dense" ether wherein our physical world is "wispy" or very non-dense. I had not previously considered this - at least not fully - and my mind is still working to wrap around the ramifications of this. The following comparative diagram (wherein I believe he doesn't quite portrays DeMeo/Reich's theory entirely properly) may be of interest:

He apparently talks about this in two previous videos I somehow skipped over:

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Soretna , this sure is an interesting bunch of videos !



It is. The problem that it evidences is something I've mentioned before perhaps in passing. We will never see collaboration between these brilliant theorists for many and varied reasons. Some reasons are very sincere. Some are based on less sincere reasons. Some are based on simply not having time to understand other research deeply. The list goes on.

It is left to us to, where unification is possible or common threads may exist, bring such work together.

But yes, these are interesting and Robert Distinti is one of the sincere brilliant researchers that definitely could take us to the next level.

We don't necessarily need a theory to be 100% right... we only need it to take us beyond the crap that has caused stagnation and relative slow progress for the past 100-130 years. The better a theory is, the longer it will last and more adaptable it will be as we learn more truth or see deeper into what is really going. Of course this can hold true everywhere and very few people realize this.

People think that because certain levels of weather prediction are possible or other things are happening then there should be no questioning, refining or additional revision or overhauls... They don't understand the nature of progress.


Wow, this idea of super-dense Ether is a new one on me... very fascinating implications. Someone needs to study this out. I'll definitely be weighing this possibility in my thought processes now.