Generator with Energy Conversion and Anti-Gravity-Effects

Generator with Energy Conversion and Anti-Gravity-Effects by V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin

We have experimentally studied the physical effects in a system based on rotating permanent magnets. It is demonstrated that a magnetic system made of rare-earth magnets (REMs) is capable of converting various forms of the energy, provided that certain critical operating regime is set...

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Source: Stuff & Stuff Blog October 2021

@Soretna , this is a UFO level technology for sure :)) I wonder if the Russians reverse engineered this from a crashed flying saucer ??

***The most interesting part I felt is on page 29 , where a TOROIDAL form is referred to (Fig. 29) ! :-

"Other interesting effect is the work of the converter in a dark room when corona
discharges are observed around the converter rotor as a blue-pink glowing luminescence
and a characteristic ozone smell. In Fig.29 the cloud of ionization covers the area of a
stator and a rotor and have accordingly a toroidal form.
Fig.29. Corona discharges around the generator.
On the background of luminescence glowing on roller surfaces, we distinguished a
separate <>. A number of more vigorous strips of discharges around the
rollers were observed. These discharges were of a white-yellow color but the
characteristic sound for arc discharges was not audible. There were not present any seen
erosive damages by arc discharges on surfaces of the stator and the rollers as well."


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Referring to this?:

Yes , exactly @Soretna ! After all , the Torus is THE most important & fundamental shape in our Universe...I have a Toroid detector in my mind - can identify it in a flash :))