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From: Giovanni Modanese <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:13:38 GMT (147kb)

Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-y} Superconductor
Composite Crystal Structure

Authors: Evgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese
Comments: LaTeX, 32 pages, 7 figures in separated GIF and JPG files
Subj-class: General Physics

  The detection of apparent anomalous forces in the vicinity of high-Tc
  superconductors under non equilibrium conditions has stimulated an
  experimental research in which the operating parameters of the
  experiment have been pushed to values higher than those employed
  in previous attempts. The results confirm the existence of an
  unexpected physical interaction. An apparatus has been constructed
  and tested in which the superconductor is subjected to peak currents
  in excess of 10^4 A, surface potentials in excess of 1 MV, trapped
  magnetic field up to 1 T, and temperature down to 40 K. In order to
  produce the required currents a high voltage discharge technique has
  been employed. Discharges originating from a superconducting
  ceramic electrode are accompanied by the emission of radiation
  which propagates in a focused beam without noticeable attenuation
  through different materials and exerts a short repulsive force on small
  movable objects along the propagation axis. Within the measurement
  error (5 to 7 %) the impulse is proportional to the mass of the objects
  and independent on their composition. It therefore resembles a
  gravitational impulse. The observed phenomenon appears to be
  absolutely new and unprecedented in the literature. It cannot be
  understood in the framework of general relativity. A theory is proposed
  which combines a quantum gravity approach with anomalous vacuum

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Subject: IMAGES: An update on Podkletnov's anti-grav

Theoretical analysis of a reported weak gravitational shielding effect by G. Modanese
PDF: https://arxiv.org/pdf/hep-th/9505094.pdf

Under special conditions (Meissner-effect levitation in a high frequency magnetic field and rapid rotation) a disk of high-Tc superconducting material has recently been found to produce a weak shielding of the gravitational field. We show that this phenomenon has no explanation in the standard gravity theories, except possibly in the non-perturbative Euclidean quantum theory.

Source: Stuff & Stuff Blog October 2021

Wow @Soretna , why is it that anti-gravity research often revolves around electromagnetism to neutralise/nullify gravity - isn't this a powerful clue to the underlying nature of gravity itself ?? Hmm...some food for thought .


Indeed. I keep reflecting on the work of Ionel Dinu, Robert Distinti, Lori Gardi, Ivo, Joseph Cater, and most recently @Mitko_Gorgiev. I think it is critical that we pull together this cohesive understanding of the [a]ether and its waves and all "radio"/light/em waves being just actually aether/ether waves.

I believe that gravity is a pushing (Le Sage) vs pulling effect of the ether.