Fresh Water Origins of Icebergs

From Smokey God:

About three-fourth of the "inner" surface of the earth is land and
about one-fourth water. There are numerous rivers of tremendous size,
some flowing in a northerly direction and others southerly. Some of
these rivers are thirty miles in width, and it is out of these vast
waterways, at the extreme northern and southern parts of the "inside"
surface of the earth, in regions where low temperatures are
experienced, that freshwater iceberg are formed. They are then pushed
out to sea like huge tongues of ice, by the abnormal freshets of
turbulent waters that, twice every year, sweep everything before them.


Maybe this is why Arctic icebergs are comprised of fresh water.

Posted by Dean

The above comment by Olaf Jansen on freshwater icebergs in the Arctic Ocean is from Pages 191 - 192 of Olaf Jansen's report on his journey with his father into the Hollow Earth.

The waters of the Arctic Ocean are in no way cold enough to enpunge all of the salt from the ocean water in order to create freshwater icebergs; if such a thing is even possible.

Olaf's testimony: The Smokey God


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