Finding Ancient Egypt's Great Lost Labyrinth !

List members , as recently as 2008 , this incredible underground discovery was made in Egypt - it's been called THE most important archaeological discovery of last 100 years . Ancient Greek literature from 500 B.C. , written by the great Herodotus himself , had talked about such a structure existing in Egypt .

Unfortunately however , the Egyptian government decided to suppress the "disclosure" on this mythical Labyrinth which was lost in the sands of time :-


Once again , on this matter it's strange to note that while Greek chroniclers wrote about the Eygptian Sphinx , the Pyramids and even this underground Labyrinth , their contemporary Hebrew writers were completely silent about any of this...the Old Testament does not make a single mention about it .

I did come across some apocryphal texts though that mention these Egyptian monuments , but nothing in the conventional literature...truly mysterious !


Absolutely again @sidharthabahadur no surprizes the Hebrew were silent, but I like to make a distinction between Hebrew and Jew'ish as in kinda sorta Jew, but not really. Much has been hidden and now is the time, in 2020 optimal vision for the veil to drop, 12/21/202 at the Conjunction Junction function of School House Rocky... I mean Rock, as in Stone, and in the Dome of the Rock!!!

NOW, how does it relate to Christopher Columbus and the Maze Stones of So Cal where I was born and raised?

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You know, its funny that the Hindu literature that is left doesn't mention the Sphinx, either. Of course, the Muslim invaders burned down every last library that they could get their hands on, and those libraries were huge. They told the past history spanning thousands of years. And the same thing happened in Kuwait and Suria. Last, but not least, let's mention Alexander the Great who burned the library at Alexandria. (I burned your past historical records, Egypt, but I gave my name to your city. That's why they call me "Alex the Great!)

But the three deities of reclining Vishnu are known; they were in Gaya, in the Kaba in Mecca (smashed), and in Rome. (In the Vatican basement ?)

And the Mecca is so close to Egypt. It makes you wonder.


@deandddd , you are right that there is no specific mention of the Egyptian Sphinx in Indian literature , even though the Indus Valley civilisation had trading relations with both Sumer and Egypt too . Given there is a distance of 5,000 km between India and Egypt , they are not exactly next door neighbours like Israel and Egypt are , for example .

**However , the concept of what a Sphinx is , did feature prominently in Vedic and Puranic literature . The Sanskrit word "Purushamriga" meaning half lion - half human is the Sphinx that guards the entrance of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva . You will find sculptures of such Sphinxes always in pairs , on either side of the entrance , outside many famous temples in India .

The highly mysterious Balochistan Sphinx statue was also said to be guarding a Shiva temple which probably got utterly destroyed in some pre-historic catastrophe . It's twin must have been obliterated in that same disaster , because no trace of it is visible .

***So it is quite likely that the Giza Sphinx also had a twin which got completely destroyed .



I wonder where they got this term "Sphinx" from.

Because, you know, Egypt was founded and its shepherd was the celestial sage Ajapati, and the name became shortened to "Ajapt", then "Egypt".

Is Sphinx Greek?


Yes @deandddd , the word Sphinx is of Greek origin and in some way or form , Sphinxes were being built by most ancient cultures outside their temples , royal tombs , pyramids etc.

In recent history , the Sphinx has been incorporated into the Masonic style of architecture . That is why Sphinxes in pairs , can be seen "guarding" the entrance of even some modern monuments .


Hmmm ... Very Interesting.


Thanks @deandddd . Now enjoy this view of a Sphinx in the heart of Washington DC (just a 5 minute drive , merely 1.1 miles from the White House) , next watch the video of the Giza Sphinx and then the Balochistan Sphinx....from the youngest Sphinx to the oldest one and am sure you will get your Aha moment !

Who knows - 5,000 years from now , future archaeologists would be marvelling at the Sphinx of Washington and STILL trying to figure out the riddle of the Sphinx...!

Time itself stands still when you are in the arresting presence of the Sphinx , almost as though you are transfixed by it's powerful gaze...the more things change , the more they remain the same - don't they ALWAYS ?? :))



I find it hard to accept that the disfiguration of the Balochistan Sphinx was caused by erosion. Maybe it got "sandblasted" during the Bhagavad Gita war.

If there were Buddhist and Hindu temples, they must still be there if they were there. Perhaps there are hills around there, which are pyramids covered with dirt.

About a month ago I saw a video showing a pyrramid in Mexico that just looked like a hill in the midddle of flatter land. It was scraped and, lo and behold, a pyramid was revealed.

I believe that there are many liars among the archaeologists, and the ones who aren't liars are fooling themselves.


@deandddd , I think something terrible happened there that completely overwhelmed the place . It must have happened suddenly . My own gut feeling is that it was a mega earthquake coupled with a monster tsunami that engulfed the whole site , in the process annihilating the entire temple complex that the Balochistan Sphinx was guarding , as well as the Sphinx's twin .

In case it was due to a pre-historic manmade event , such as war , then nothing less than a scalar weapon or a nuclear blast could have caused such devastation .

Either way , it would be worthwhile for our present day civilisation to try and find out what exactly happened there...I have an uncanny feeling about the Balochistan Sphinx , that the last chapter in it's story is still to be written and that will have some profound connection to the story of our current civilisation...I may be mistaken about this , but just can't shake off that thought .

It can't be just a random coincidence that this structure has only come to light in the last few years . Everything in this world happens for a reason , no matter how inscrutable that may be - so there must be some reason why this monument has now been revealed after having been hidden from human eyes for so long...I sense that observing the Balochistan Sphinx on a moonlit night , especially on a full moon , might show certain aspects about it that are not noticeable during the daytime...The exact coordinates for it's location are 25°25'53.39"N 65°18'18.41"E .

Coincidentally , each of these 3 Sphinxes at Balochistan , Egypt and Washington DC respectively , is carved from the exact same material - limestone...

I think Carl Jung's theory of archetypes embedded in the collective human subconscious is at play may find this quite bizarre and funny , but I have always found a similarity between the persona of the Sphinx and Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise . Besides the similarity of Darth Vader's helmet with the Sphinx's face (was that intentional ??) , both are half human - half beast/robot , powerful but isolated , both are protecting/guarding something , they're also enigmatic entities yet a repository of many deep secrets and ancient mysteries :))

In fact , the city of Washington DC has several elements of Egyptian civilisation embedded in it's design and construction blueprint .


List members , now here is a clear image of the Masonic Temple in Washington DC , which has a Sphinx guarding it , on either side of the entrance . If you zoom in , you'll get a much better view :-

**Designed by John Russell Pope, it stands at 1733 16th Street, N.W., in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, about one mile directly north of the White House .

With regard to the layout of Washington city , this monument is located at "The eye of the Pyramid" , given that this city had been designed using the ancient principles of Sacred Geometry .



I think that, in Baluchistan, only a nuclear blast could have worn away the facial characteristics to the point that you have to use your imagination a bit to recognize that it was a face. Majenjodaro seems to have been subjected to such a blast, and it is too far away.

About Washington, D.C., I think that Egypt and Atlantis were hand-in-hand friendly cultures, let's out it that way. If Atlantis was located in Mauitania below the Atlas Mountains, and if it stretched along the Triton Sea (Sahara), then it touched the back door of Ethiopia and Egypt. And Plato stated that, although the Atlanteans fled along the Mediterranean coast, taking it over as they went; they stopped short at Egypt. (For some reason ...) And the more ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were blond headed and blue eyed. So were the Phoenicians, who existed along that Mediterranean coast up to Egypt; which obviously makes the Phoenicians Atlanteans. And the Celts were Atlantean because they spread out along the upper Mediterranean coast, which Plato also stated.

AND Plato stated that the Atlanteans fled across the Atlantic Ocean to the other side. I know that, in Brazil, Phoenician script has been found very much inland on stone tablets.; in one case, on an assembly house in a small town above the entranceway. The town had a few streets with houses in polished black granite, and the assembly house was made of polished black granite, too. And a Darian coin was found in the rubble of some collaped houses.

The Irish settlement that was found in South Carolina seemed to have been Celtic because of their racial characteristics - they were red haired Caucasians - and because of certain habits that they had, such as raising deer for livestock and making cheese from deer milk, and the structure of the huts that they lived in, which seem to be the same Celtic huts that were in use in southern Portugal and S.W. Spain. I think that all of this was projected from Atlantis. And the indians in Kentucky told of white Caucasians living underground, and there was a Welsh migration in the 1200s to Alabama, and then inwards.

Anyway, I don't think that the Atlanteans are finished, I think that they still have influence and had influence over the revolution and even the construction of the US Capital. Hence, the Mediterranean and Egyptian-North African architecture in D.C.

Taht's my two cents for the moment.


@deandddd , the founding fathers of the United States , especially their leader , George Washington , were extraordinary individuals coincidentally grouped together , for the same cause .

It has been claimed that George Washington even had some mystical experiences , once when he was alone in a forest (it had a very profound effect on him for the rest of his life) - that there was some supernatural force guiding him to lead his forces to an unlikely victory against the British army...while that cannot be verified , one thing is for certain , that the founding fathers of the United States were all steeped in esoteric traditions & well versed in arcane subjects such as ancient Sacred Geometry , which reflects in the layout and design of their Capital city - Washington DC !



Washington's vision:


Yes @deandddd , most people think that the sacred skills of Geomancy , or Vaastu (Sanskrit) , or Feng Shui (Chinese) are just a joke :)) A city built with highly sophisticated principles of design and architecture , grew to become the most powerful capital of the world in the modern era and projects echoes of it's predecessors from past ages...this wasn't some random coincidence , a mere throw of the dice...!


Folks , while this is a serious topic , I can't help post these 2 images - to lighten the mood a bit :))