Fairy Tale Abductions, Genetics, Lust


Speaking of little people and fairy folklore, there are several
pieces of information in the Underground Abductions, Whereto? page:


A sample-

Dr. Thompson opens up the section entitled " Abductions and
Crossbreeding " with the following words on the folklore of Northern
Europe: " Abduction is a standard theme in traditional fairy tales
(which must be distinguished from the expurgated versions intended
for modern children ). In these stories, men and children are often
abducted out of lust by fairies of the opposite sex. Children are
also taken, and it is said that a fairy child, called a changeling,
may be substituted for a human child. Just as we find in UFO cases,
it seems that Sex desire and genetic considerations are involved in
these abductions. In support of this, Vallee cited Edwin Hartland, a
scholar of fairy traditions, as to the reasons people in Northern
European countries gave for this abduction of children: ` The motive
usually assigned to fairies in Northern stories is that of preserving
and improving their race, on the one hand by carrying off human
children to be brought up among the elves and to become united with
them, and on the other hand by obtaining the milk and fostering care
of human mothers for their own offspring.'"

He then narrates several legends which illustrate such abductions
very nicely on page 300 of Alien Identities.

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Many of these accounts from a historical perspective seem to have a common theme yet different identities. From Charles Fort to John Keel to John Mack and Nick Redfern along with many others have postulated the possibility that these creatures of lore and the more contemporary Greys and other Aliens are the same being. A paranormal when in Rome if you like.


You have a very handsome black nose there, fella.

Have you ever read Fairies at Woirk and Play, by Geoffrey Hodson?

He was a member of the Theosophical Society of Madam Blavatsky. Supposedly, he was a clairvoyant.

Here is a description of Faires provided by Geoffrey Hodson, an occultist with The Theosophical Society who could access the astral planes in a half-awake state.
This one is a description of an experience he perceived in Lancashire, England, in 1921, on Page 81 of his book Fairies, at Work and Play: “We are surrounded by a dancing group of lovely female fairies. They are laughing and full of joy. The leader in this case is a female figure, probably two feet high, surrounded by transparent flowing drapery. There is a star on her forehead, and she has large wings which glisten with pale, delicate shades from pink to lavender. In rapid movement, however, the effect in them is white. Her hair is light golden brown and, unlike that of the lesser fairies, her hair streams behind her and merges with the flowing forces of her aura. Her form is perfectly modeled and rounded, like that of a young girl, and the right hand holds a wand. Although her expression is one of purity and ingenuousness, her face is at the same time stamped with a decided expression of power. This is especially notable in the clear, blue eyes which glow like flame and have all the appearance of a living fire . … A pale, blue blue radiance surrounds this glorious creature, adding to her beauty, while while golden flashes of light shoot and play around her head. The lower portion of the aurora is shell pink, irradiated with white light .”

Hodson also writes: “… golden flashes of light shoot and play around her head”.

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Thank you Dean, I enjoy Theosophy and Blavatsky's work. Well these fairies are not the same as the negative beings such as the Grey Aliens claimed by researchers. And not all Alien abductions are negative. I would guess if any or all of these claims are true than there are as in the physical world the good, bad and the ugly.

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By the way, do you like honey? I have heard that bears like honey.

In the book Alien Identities, Chapter Eight is entitled Modern Observations and Ancient Traditions. In the sub section entitled Abductions and Crossbreadnings, he cites "Edwin Hartland, a scholar of fairy traditions": "The motive usually assigned to fairies in northern stories is that of preserving and improving their race, on the one hand by carrying off human children to be brought up among the elves and to become united with them, and on the other hand, by obtaining the milk and fostering care of human mothers for their own offspring".

He compares the elf need of "fostering care of human mothers" to the UFO "presentation scenes" described by the David Jacobs (Temple University, Philadelphia) book Secret Life. Jacobs: "Abductees are also required to touch, hold or hug these offspring. ... Apparently, it is absolutely essential for the child to have human contact."

He also provides a wealth of information on crossbreading between underworld entities and humans from the Vedic historical literature, the Puranas, from India.

From what I gather, these underworld entities have their agendas for the surface, and preparation is carried out in the depths below.



Whenever I think of the wee folk and their interactions with the
surface world, I think of the Pied Piper of Hamelin:


Kidnapping by underground entities has been going on for a long time.


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On this page there is a bit of informatioin from Alien Identities about typical fairy activities, such as atrtracting humans to their fairy rings and then sucking out their life airs, leaving them aged and wrinkled.




Hi Dean, I think that It is going to be very interesting over the next little while to see if the abductions of children on the surface are carried out by the same beings giving the orders as in subterranean dwellings. Brenda.


So right you are! And this has been going on for a long time. The Vedic narration of Prince Ritudwaj is a good example. The event took place way, way before the Kali Yuga even began.

It is medium long, but easy reading because it is folkore. It tells about how his wife was abducted by a demon below, and how the Nagas told him where the entrance is, it tells of a palace down there, and that the demon had an army on hand. Nothing small, you need a lot of people to support an army. For exammple, to grow food and fashion weapons and such.

Anyway, he got her out.



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Being half Irish I want to meet the one to brings the pot of gold. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what interesting about the fairy mythos worldwide is the disparity of the temperment of these creatures. Some are friendly and have contact, trade and socialize, while others are beign but don't like Humans per se and stay away.

And others as you mention on your site are quite gruesome with claims of rape, murder, pedophilia and worse with the sucking out of the life airs. Perhaps Shaver was on to something in spite of his mental illness.

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I believe "The Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Gutenberg, Amazon, Goodreads (ridiculous reviews)) is very instructive and extremely important in regard to cavern-world-beings' temperaments.

From what I gather, there is quite a bit of diversity between the different peoples / beings and even creatures. And within even consolidated societies there are various feelings and beliefs about the human surface dwellers. These obviously range from abhorrence / hatred to perhaps even mildly kindred feelings to love / infatuation.

It seems, too, that they have been pretty much in wide hiding after some kind of events or agreement or some plan put into motion during the 1800s or early 1900s - probably in order to make a "grand appearance" via the UFO agenda that we're seeing as a / the "disclosure event" coming into larger and broader discussion today...

I believe @Ephraimite would be able to chime in relation to this due to his previous discussions about this.



You have defintely hit the nail on the head.

"It seems, too, that they have been pretty much in wide hiding after some kind of events or agreement or some plan put into motion during the 1800s or early 1900s - probably in order to make a "grand appearance" via the UFO agenda that we're seeing as a / the "disclosure event" coming into larger and broader discussion today..."

After all, thee has to be some reason why the creatures below don't show themselves in the way that they used to in medieval times.


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Many in the UFO and paranormal circles think all of these creatures are one and the same. Faries worked in the medieval times, Demons in others and now Aliens.

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Well, many people may feel that way, but based on what? The descriptions are different. The descriptions of the Nagas, frim Hindu literture to European folklore, are the same, and those cultures had nothing to do with each other. So we can assume that Nagas exist as described.

And the fairy descriptions are different. So right there, there are more than one type of underworld being.



@Soretna Yes, there is a great deal of diversity within the cavern realms of the earth. Some groups are malevolent, some are benign, others might even be considered friendly. The Vril-ya actually sound like quite a pleasant people, except that they have a dislike for top-dweller human society due to our rampant corruption.

Michael Mott has quite a few good observations on this subject, although he doesn't really discuss The Coming Race (from what I've read so far in his book). I would suggest that anyone who wants to get a true idea of utopia and advanced societies should read The Coming Race for themselves and decide whether the Vril-ya are "evil" or not.

Many reviewers on the internet seem to think that the book is a "satire" of society or a demonstration of a dystopia. Anyone who says this has not read the book, or if they have, they don't understand it. The book honestly outlines the best blueprint for a utopia that I've ever seen.


List Members,

One of our themes has been the manipulation of the surface world by
underground entities, originally brought to my attention by Mike
Mott. He's brought up evidence of the breeding of humans in cavern
worlds below, the idea being that they then carry out agendas on the

In the Bhagavata Purana there is a statement by Vishnu directing the
demigods to take birth in a certain dynasty and to await his
appearance. Pay attention to the last two sentences:

"After all the demigods offered the Purusa-sukta prayer to the
Supreme Personality of Godhead, they apparently heard no response.
Then Lord Brahma personally sat in meditation, and there was a
message-transmission from Lord Visnu to Brahma. Brahma then broadcast
the message to the demigods. That is the system of receiving Vedic
knowledge. The Vedic knowledge is received first by Brahma from the
Supreme Personality of Godhead, through the medium of the heart. As
stated in the beginning of Srimad-Bhagavatam, tene brahma hrda: the
transcendental knowledge of the Vedas was transmitted to Lord Brahma
through the heart. Here also, in the same way, only Brahma could
understand the message transmitted by Lord Visnu, and he broadcast it
to the demigods for their immediate action. The message was: The
Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth very soon
along with His supreme powerful potencies, and as long as He remains
on the earth planet to execute His mission of annihilating the demons
and establishing the devotees, the demigods should also remain there
to assist Him. They should all immediately take birth in the family
of the Yadu dynasty, wherein the Lord will also appear in due course
of time. "

What occurs to me is that, if these celestial beings can incarnate in
human bodies, so can the underworld creatures, such as goblins.

See Underground Abductions- Whereto? in this regard:




Not exactly tales about fairies, but wher do they get these lullabies from ? Look at Numbers One and Two: a crocodile hag and a shapeshifting monster that wants to eat the baby!

There must be some basis to these lulabies. I can't imagine what people faced back then, but undergrounders who exchange shapeshifter babies for the real ones are a common folkloric theme from midieval times.


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Re: Mike Mott sent us this posting at least ten years ago, but it is as good now as it was then. Most of the links are good. His book, Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, can be found on the Lulu Books site.

As follows:


Tolkien took much--most of his concepts, in fact--from

Scandinavian, Germanic, and Celtic folklore, just "re-inventing"

old ideas or beliefs for his world of "Middle Earth" (equivalent to

the Norse "Midgard," the world of human beings--i.e., the surface

world we all share).

Germanic legends are filled with stories of underground worlds,

stone doors in mountainsides, abductions of humans

(particularly children) by subterranean beings, hobbit- and

dwarf-like beings, etc. One of the best sites on the web for this

type of information is that of Professor D. L. Ashliman, at the

University of Pittsburgh :


This site is a treasure-trove of information of this type.



From the book Fairies, at Work and Play, by Hodson

Chapter: Dancing Gnomes

Pages 41 - 42

Posted by Dean

"There are some gnomes here which are at a lower stage of development
than the tree-gnomes. They are smaller in size, being about four to
six inches high. The gnome photographed a few years ago • probably
belongs to this type. They differ from the tree gnome in that they
are not solitary, but live and play in groups, their antics and games
being weird and grotesque in the extreme. They are gaily coloured
little fellows and use much stronger and brighter shades than do the
fairies. The group which I am observing is dancing in a half circle;
they are holding each other's hands and are swinging from side to
side; their legs are not straightened and the knees point outwards.
Their arms are too long and not perfectly straight at the elbow. They
grin in an odd childlike way, and their beady dark eyes are gleaming
with a queer expression as if they were experiencing inward ecstasy.
Their wings, shaped like those of the bat, are opened out laterally
behind them, and are of a darker colour than their bodies, smooth and
furry in substance and of extremely fine texture.

Apparently their contact with each other, their oscillat-ing
movement, though purposeless on the physical plane, produces a highly
pleasurable astral sensation. I see that it has the effect of
disturbing and exciting the astral body, which is just a cloud of
unorganised matter about twice the size of the physical. Undoubtedly
they are also imposing a special kind of vibratory force upon it.
In repose, or semi-repose, the astral body is an almost shapeless
cloud of matter; it is only slightly tinged with colour and has the
effect of moonlight. There are shades of red and pink, and of
gleaming yellow some-thing like that of an autumn leaf, and also
russet browns. When exalted by the dance, from the centre of the
astral body (approximately at the solar plexus) vibra-tions begin,
stirring the whole body into life as they sweep through it in waves
and ripples. The colours then become more intense, the aura
increases, and the gnome is enjoying, to the fulness of his capacity,
the effects thus produced.

Suddenly their movement changes, although the original semi-circular
formation is maintained. They now dance backwards and forwards,
raising and bending their legs and replacing their feet upon the
ground in comically fantastic attitudes. They appear only conscious
of the brilliant sunshine and the vital condition of the atmosphere.
They have nothing of the flashing rapidity of the fairies, or even of
the wood-elves. They are quaint, stiff and antique in their
movements. Nevertheless, they have, like all astral and etheric
creatures, the power of rapid motion through space."

List members,

Snow White? Ample folklore tells us that dwarves are underground creatures, and magical, evil queens remind us of Nimueh in the Arthur tales. Nimueh came from a world underneath the lake, as do the Naga Folk from of the Hindu, Vedic literature.

The tale Snow White confirms that underground entities are inimical towards surface dwellers.

By the way, the location of the lake is known, it's in Wales. How about some ground penetrating radar?

Me thinks this kind of research is much easier than mounting expeditions to the North Pole and passing through the opening into the hollow earth.


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