Exogenesis: Were Humans Made By ETs? | Bruce Fenton !

Folks , this interview of Bruce Fenton , an independent researcher , will SHOCK you to the core...especially the second half of his interview .

He highlights the very specific nature of genetic variations between human and chimp genome in great detail . Extraordinary "jumps" in foetal brain development in humans as compared to chimps , has been explained very convincingly . RELAX - you don't need to be a geneticist to understand this :)) The points are explained in a very logical and simple manner . Even the timeline for unexplained evlolutionary "leaps" in the human genome have been brilliantly correlated .

Besides genetics , there are many other intriguing aspects and actual evidence brought forward in this interview that will set you thinking deeply and make you question even your most deeply ingrained beliefs...

***A word of caution - this content may RADICALLY alter your world view !