Etidorhpa on Volcanoes

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There have been volcanoes lately:

In New Caledonia …

And a nasty one in New Zeland ...

About volcanoes- the basic idea is that if the magma were coming from
such a long way,
from the center of the earth like they say, then it should have
cooled by
the time it arrives to the surface. Also, if gravity's effect were
penetrating to the core of the Earth, then the tremendous pressures
existing at that depth would not allow any passage to open up for the

One hollow earth explanation for volcanoes is given in the book

Mr. Cater has some comments on the matter, too, he supplements the
explanation given in Etidorhpa, although he does not deny the Etidorhpa

[ Cater on volcanoes ]:

" The academic explanation for volcanic activity is somewhat vague.
the temperature of molten lava disgorged by volcanoes is so great, the
orthodox viewpoint is that the molten lava would have to originate at
hundreds of miles below the surface surface. It has not been made
clear how
lava could find its way to the surface from such depths, since the
Earth is
supposedly a solid ball.

This is interesting because in a solid Earth model, there would be
immense pressures at great depths that any opening for lava to flow
would be closed shut. And if the lava actually originated at the
which they say, then it would cool by the time it reached the