We halted suddenly, for we came unexpectedly to the edge of a precipice,
twenty feet at least in depth.

"Let us jump down," said my guide.

"That would be dangerous," I answered; " can not we descend at some point
where it is not so deep?"

"No; the chasm stretches for miles across our path, and at this point we
will meet with the least difficulty; besides, there is no danger. The
specific gravity of our bodies is now so little that we could jump twice
that distance with impunity."

"I can not comprehend you; we are in the flesh, our bodies are possessed of
weight, the concussion will be violent."

"You reason again from the condition of your former life, and, as usual,
are mistaken; there will be little shock, for, as I have said, our bodies
are comparatively light now. Have you forgotten that your motion is
continuously accelerated, and that without perceptible exertion you move
rapidly? This is partly because of the loss of weight. Your weight would now
be only about fifty pounds if tested by a spring balance."

I stood incredulous.

"You trifle with me; I weigh over one hundred and fifty pounds; how have I
lost weight ? It is true that I have noticed the ease with which we have
recently progressed on our journey, especially the latter part of it, but I
attribute this, in part, to the fact that our course is down an incline, and
also to the vitalizing power of this cavern air."

"This explains part of the matter," he said; "it answered at the time, and
I stated a fact; but were it not that you are really consuming a
comparatively small amount of energy, you
would long before this have been completely exhausted. You have been gaining
strength for some hours; have really been
growing younger. Your wrinkled face has become more smooth, and your voice
is again natural. You were prematurely aged by your brothers on the surface
of the earth, in order that when you pass the line of gravity, you might be
vigorous and enjoying manhood again. Had this aging process not been
accomplished you would now have become as a child in many respects."

He halted before me. "Jump up" he said. I promptly obeyed the unexpected
command, and sprung upward with sufficient force to carry me, as I supposed,
six inches from the earth; however I bounded upward fully six feet. My look
of surprise as I gently alighted, for there was no concussion on my return,
seemed lost on my guide, and he quietly said:
"If you can leap six feet upward without any excessive exertion, or return
shock, cannot you jump twenty feet down? Look!"

And he leaped lightly over the precipice and stood unharmed on the stoney
floor below.

Even then I hesitated, observing which, he cried:
"Hang by your hands from the edge then, and drop."

I did so, and the fourteen feet of fall seemed to affect me as though I had
become as light as a cork. I fluttered to the earth as a leaf would fall,
and leaned against the precipice in surprise meditation.

"Others have been through your experience," He remarked, "and I therefore
can overlook your incredulity; but experiences such as you now meet, remove
distrust. Doing is believing."


The above concept presented by Etidorhpa flies in the face of Newtonian
gravity. If the central point of the Earth were the center of gravitational
attraction, then gravity's effect would not diminish with penetration, as
Etidorhpa depicts. Instead, the effect of gravity would increase the further
down one penetrated.

Joseph H. Cater explains that gravity is caused by an electromagnetic
radiation from a strata below the surface of the Earth. He says that it is
brought about by the penetration of photons from the Sun, that the photons
jumble together to form photon aggragates which, in that form, are not
visible. The radiation of photon aggragates at the upper layers of the Earth's

shell experience frequency reduction down to the gravity-inducing frequency.

Below the Earth's crust, say ... 50 miles down, the radiation of photon

aggragates have their radiations reduced below the gravity-effects level,

and weightlessness begins to manifest.


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You know, if gravity effects were due to the mere density of matter, there should be no dropping off the further down one penetrates through the Earth's crust. In fact, superrior weight would accumulate.

But if gravity effects were due to electromagnetic attractions and repulsions, then as the electromegnetic environment changes the further down one penetrates, gravity effects should diminish because electromagnetic radiations would change frequency as the radiation had to pass through opposing energies.


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