Etheric Studies & Hollow Planet Implications

Given the interest of this group in Etidorhpa, I believe that there should be particular interest in the topic of the ether and precisely what it is and how to interact with it.

There are some interesting starting points I believe that may best serve to expand the topic:

Since Eric Dollard is one of the few current public figures who has reproduced Tesla's work and that he is a prominent proponent of the ether, that seems a good starting place as far as some authority goes. I found an interesting topic where the author seems to be inspired by Etidorhpa in his or her relation of this idea:

Modeling the (A)ether

Dollard also talks a lot about Rudolf Steiner. He acknowledges that while Steiner uses methods that he would not normally approve of, Steiner presents so much helpful information and truth that his research cannot be ignored. With this in mind, there is much work that has been done by the Anthroposophical Society and it's authors.

From an article by Peter Lindemann, I saw one such book noted that piques interest:

Etheric Formative Forces In Cosmos, Earth And Man (FREE PDF)

There are some other interesting books listed there too:

One student of Dollard that is a very interesting character wrote this book:

Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism

He has some remarkable videos on youtube. In total he has well over 100 videos at this point, but those are just a few of the recent ones. I say this because he offers a uniquely different perspective (viewpoint) on the ether, but especially electricity, magnetism and gravity. One of his little anti-gravity videos is intriguing.

I hope this information can spark a discussion and a collaborative effort between any and all interested here in really seeking out a more complete picture of the ether. While science has done remarkable things over the past century, it has and we have, at large, been entirely kept in the dark of the greater mysteries that could be understood if we would simply work together at really building out this understanding properly into something we can take action with.

I recently found an interesting quote from Steiner in relation to the center of the earth that very much reminds me of The Smokey God's description:

The kernel of the earth consists of golden fire, around which a dark girdle is cast, the smoke of the mineral realm.

It appears that Steiner also believed the sun to be hollow and may be in part why Dollard also set forth this concept as well.

@Soretna , I agree - Rudolph Steiner is another one of those unsung heroes and misunderstood characters whose ideas have been suppressed ! His work deserves a much deeper study...


I perceive his (spiritual) observations are frequently misunderstood and reframed in the twisted and discolored light of the current era of (false) science. The above quote, for example, was twisted around by another anthroposophical writer/researcher who ultimately, it seems, broke the original true intention/observation. He may have even confused Steiner himself with his additional efforts in this regard since spiritual perceptions are not always easily understood, or retained even, thanks largely to the temporal veil with which we must contend.

@Soretna , Rudolph Steiner had a vast understanding of esoteric is a different non-materialist world in itself !