EM Whitshaw - "Atlantis in Spain" (originally known as "Atlantis in Andalucia")

As per recommendation by @deandddd (see: Atlantis, Cavern Worlds ... And Currently? - #4 by deandddd) here is a book written by E.M. Whitshaw (Elena Maria Whitshaw):

Atlantis in Andalucia: A Study of Folk Memory (now also known as Atlantis in Spain)

A short description on Amazon says:

First published in 1928, this classic -- a study of the megaliths of Spain, ancient writing, cyclopean walls, sun worshipping empires, hydraulic engineering and sunken cities -- is now back in print after 60 years. Learn about the biblical Tartessus, Atlantean city at Niebla, the Temple of Hercules and the Sun Temple of Seville, Libyans and the Cooper Age, and more.

This appears to be a semi-difficult to acquire book; at least for the original printing of it. Hopefully the newer edition is not lacking in information or details (or quality of images if any) of the original printing!

There are several reviews on Amazon about this book as well: