Electronic circuit board designs on Peruvian lake beds in the Andes mountains !

Yes , you read the subject of the mail correctly - there are some really bizarre lakes , high up in the remote Peruvian Andes , whose lake beds appear as though they have an electronic circuit board imprinted on them ! This is so strange that nobody has yet even attempted an explanation .

One thing is clear though that locals in that area have frequently witnessed UFO/Vimana type craft emerging abruptly from those lakes or splashing into them . It could be that there is an access to inner earth via openings/tunnels in those lake beds . Peru is full of such mysterious zones and artifacts :




Folks , this is as yet an unsolved riddle . Defies any explanation !


List members , UFOs are frequently seen emerging from these lakes , or entering into them...! There must be some hidden portals on these lake beds leading underground...


This means that the underground worlds from that area are active on the surface, and that they fly about and come back to their bases.

In other words, the undergrounders are "unimpeded".


Yes @deandddd , even the Google coordinates of these lakes have been documented , so this is as real as it gets !