Egyptian "saw" cut proves something else is going on than what's being fed to society by "science" / "archeologists" / "Egyptologists"

Very nice reprise observation by Jimmy (aka Bright Insight) on his recent video (we've seen this before, but perhaps just not given it enough attention and belabored the importance of this observation):
(YouTube Link)

Some snapshots:

Look at this gap up close and notice the angle/wedge shape from this and the last images and then consider the previous even and understand that a wedge is indeed forming that is larger towards the middle of whatever is cutting (blade, energy device?):

Remember, they're trying to tell us this was cut at 4mm per hour. Imagine: less than ONE INCH every six hours of non-stop hand sawing!!! They would have noticed the error DAYS ahead of time. They MUST have been using a device that cut VERY quickly. Doesn't it remind you of making a mistake with wood cutting?

The Egyptians only ever left information about WOOD cutting!!!! Not STONE!!!!!!!

This goes back to the very important understanding that these were NOT created by Egyptians! These things were created BEFORE their arrival.

Very intriguing find @Soretna , absolute straight line cuts on solid rock/granite - seems like some kind of powerful machine tools - or maybe even something like laser cutting ???


Well yes, not only straight but they were moving at such a velocity that they got, what, over a foot before they realized they needed to stop since they had the cut off??? That reminds one of high speed wood cutting or other very efficient tooling. Ether cutters? Lasers? Sasers (sound lasers)? Very incredible material blades? Hmmmm.

Another video that many of us have probably seen before, but reminds me of this conversation / observation and the importance of recognizing such telling markers:
(YouTube Video)

Some screenshots:

Scoops all go down in a straight line - scoop marks:

See scoop marks on the vertical walls and in trenches:

There are many other locations around the world that also exhibit these "scoop marks." See the last 1/4 or so of the video for other locations around the world.

Incredible stuff , @Soretna ! Seems like some of kind of "energetic PULSE" was used by the ancients to pull off such extraordinary feats of carving solid granite - focussed/directed sound vibrations , even scalar waves perhaps ?? Who knows ?


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It does. It reminds one of wood carving and shaving off sections. I've seen so many wood carvings that remind me EXACTLY of these constructs and patterns that are left behind. They definitely had some kind of scooping/scraping tools that were able to slice right through extremely dense stone. This tech was widespread and I think @Ephraimite believes that this was a pre-Egyptian tech used by the progenitor Adamites.

This guy in the pictures above seems to think a kind of belt sander or cutting-grinding system was mounted onto an excavator-like arm to do this work, but there's just no way. It has to be a high energy system and that could include ultrasonics or other things... but it must be extremely high energy and probably aether based.

@Soretna , amongst the temple building communities in India (whose families were engaged in temple construction activity for generations) , there are legends about mysterious ancient techniques , now forgotten - such as :-

  1. "Softening" of hard rock , even granite , to make elaborate & complex structures at scale , intricate decorative designs , especially delicate sculptures - statues of Gods and Goddesses

  2. "Hardening" of soft metals like gold and silver , giving them iron like strength , turning them into load bearing or "weapons grade" metal !


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@Soretna , thanks - I believe sound based levitation of rocks (like Tibetan monks claim) must have been used in Egypt (and at other megalithic monuments of antiquity around the world) to lift pieces that weighed over 1000 tons.

Some Alchemy methods/ancient material sciences were probably also used to "manipulate" construction materials and alter their characteristics during the build phase...another interesting one that comes to mind - "solidifying" liquid Mercury at room temperature (!!) , used to build Shiva Ling (Shiva idols) in ancient temples of India .