Do you see anything here?: "Mysterious triangular shape spotted in Area 51 hangar as spy agencies set to reveal UFO secrets in next 6 months"

Not really seeing anything special, but only a confirmation of their narrative for ushering in the anti-Christ and luciferian agenda via the fake extraterrestrials:

@Soretna , this sure looks interesting...but could it be the "classified" Triangular shaped TR-3B Anti-Gravity spacecraft ??


My problem is I just don't see it... Are you seeing a shape I'm missing?

@Soretna , you may find this video about Thomas Townsend Brown and his extensive Anti-Gravity research , as also his invention , the "Gravitator" , relevant to this topic :-


Yes, TT Brown is a fantastic researcher. I learned an awful lot from reading Paul LaViolette's works that document TT Brown's efforts. Unfortunately they try to relegate his work to "ionic winds" crosstalk at this point, which is horribly unfortunate.