Do we need any more evidence of DUMBs existence than this?

Western Observer,

Just because there is noise and "booms" and because the ground shakes doesn't mean our armed forces are doing anything "true blue" down there. I have the impression that our armed forces are sold out "big time" to the NWO and the underground worlds.

But this type of information always reveals "something", you know. It is good to acquire broad information.


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@Western0bserver , the reference to "children being trafficked" through the underground tunnel system linking such DUMBs around the globe is quite disturbing...they are actually clones and therefore have no "real" parents searching for their lost kids - it makes their exploitation and their plight very , very tragic indeed !



If the US military has so much in the way of underground presence, then surely theye have made contact with those that our scriptures on the surface of the Earth call "demons".

Surely they are in bed with such beings. This is the sad truth.


If "they" say one thing, you can usually believe the opposite unless you know otherwise and then they're again trying to trick you. It's all one giant game of misdirection cloak and daggers.