Devon Island, Canada - Source of Mars photos?

@jimhicks36 shared a very interesting note about Canada's Devon Island, a probable source of photos, etc. from "Mars". This is from a December 2017 Imgur post. We can also see this island mentioned as far back as, it appears, 2005 in connection to such "research": Devon Island - There are other mentions of this island as well: Search results for 'devon island' - MindReach


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This is why I never took any stock in Mars Rover photos or anything like that. When the hoax is revealed, it will make all the believers look like fools, and backfire on the sincere researchers who have made such an effort to convince the unsuspecting.

Why should anyone think that NASA would really send us one goof-up, that slipped through the cracks, after the other?

Filmed on Devon Island ...


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Very interesting, if not surprising. I'm sure it's only the tip of the iceberg. Appreciate you calling it out.

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Ok this is a topic I would like to clear up. The Devon Island debate is interesting and it is pretty clear why some would think it was possible...

Reasons why they could be taken on earth.

1.. Anomalies with Rover details
2.. NASA have presence there
3... Artifacs/images showing possible bones etc
4... Similar landscape..

Ok, so using Devon Island is a possibility. But not to take picture (more to confuse). What do I mean?

Let me explain once how this works....and why I can say for certain images from Mars are not taken on earth. I will try to explain simply...

There is more than one Rover
The Rovers are not on Mars
The Rovers are not taking the images
Cern and Co controls the Telemetry
Images from Mars are taken by spacecraft
They are taken from high altitude
They lie and say the rover takes them on ground level - this is control your perception. (And why the bones are not really bones)
The Rovers are moved into position possibly on the island. They then take pics of the rover in certain light and angles.Then the images are then superimposed to the Mars image. Tracks are also created by AI on some.

Much much more...
Truths and half truths