Daniel Ross on the lunar atmosphere

Daniel Ross on the lunar atmosphere from his book UFOs and the Complete
Evidence from Space-

A detailed look at some of NASA's color photographs provides evidence of the
Moon's atmosphere. In their official publication, "Apollo 8- Man Around the
Moon " are three color photographs which confirm the presense of a dense
atmosphere. Along the entire visible rim of the Moon, as seen and
photographed from space by the Apollo 8 astronauts, there is a substantial
brightness of the limb- an effect that can only be attributed to a gaseous
layer around the Moon. Mars, Venus, and the Earth all present this same limb
brightening due to their atmospheres.

On page 12 of the Apollo-8 booklet is a space photograph of
Earth, showing the Earth's own limb brightness. On page 14
of the same booklet is a full picture of the Moon, taken by the
astronauts from interplanetary space, and it shows an
identical limb brightening along the rim. Firsoff points out
that both of the space photographs of the Earth and the Moon
were taken on the same film with the same camera, and
since we accept that there is an atmospheric blanket around
our planet, it would be quite illogical to deny the same such
reality behind the same limb brightening in the case of the

Both the Orbiter probes and Apollo missions photographed
the faint haze of light spreading out over the lunar horizon
just prior to sunrise, and the soft illumination of lunar
twilight after the Sun dipped below the Moon's limb. These
effects require an atmosphere. Oblique pictures, such as Plate
17, clearly show soft gray shadows made by an evening sun
on the lunar far side. Yet astronomers believing in an
airless Moon have always insisted that all lunar shadows
are pitch black.

Posted by Dean