Dan A. Davidson: "Shape Power (Second Edition): The Fundamental Discovery of How Shape Modifies Undifferentiated Universal Aether Into Electricity, Magnetism, and Nuclear Forces"

Dan A. Davidson has revised and re-released his 1997 edition in 2021 into what is said to be a very valuable book. The first edition is quite expensive with costs in some places in the several hundreds of USD range, but his new second edition can be purchased here for about $50 with shipping:


Here is Dan Davidson's 1998 presentation "Shape Power, Key to Unlock Free Energy/Anti-Gravity" at the Exotic Research Conference.
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Dan presenting at the 2001 KeelyNet Conference, June 16, 17 in Dallas, Texas his presentation "Shape Power & Gravity Resonance Phenomenon":
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Another presentation in 2004 titled "Shape Power as Universal Resonance" t the Tesla Technology Conference:
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At the 2006 Extraordinary Technology Conference Dan presents "Anti-Gravity Effects in Nature":
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It appears that there may be some questionable copies of the FIRST EDITION of the book floating around as well, such as this on Archive.org:

Fascinating , very fascinating indeed , @Soretna . This opens up a whole new Universe of possibilities that derives energy from the "first principles" of Sacred Geometry , just as the ancients believed !


@Soretna , I found this statement in one of the articles from Davidson which is like music to my ears (look at the point number 2) :-

" Davidson claims that all of known atomic physics can be accounted for by treating:

  1. The aether as a hydrodynamic fluid.
  2. All nuclear particles as toriodal-shaped, self-sustaining vortices."

and also

"In Dan A. Davidson’s shape power view, the electron is a self-sustaining, toroidal vortex situated within the aether. Furthermore, this vortex is made of the aether itself as a result of the aether flowing in and out of it in continuous interchange."


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