CTG: Capacitance Theory of Gravity - An Experimentally-Based Theory of Gravity

This gentleman developed a new experimentally-based approach to understanding gravity based on electrostatic relationships and the permittivity of open space.

Morton F. Spears (1921-2006) was known internationally for contributions to electromagnetic antenna and sensitive receiving circuit designs, particularly those applicable to the ELF/VLF/LF frequency spectrum. A holder of many patents, his commercially successful technical achievements included original work for magnetic recording, remote radio signal timing and navigation, underwater electromagnetic signal reception and processing, and general low-frequency antenna technology.

He was an electronic engineering graduate of MIT (1943). He served from Ensign to Commander in the U.S. Navy during World War II and Korean conflicts and acquired professional skills in radar and nuclear physics, which he used during his tours of duty.

In 1970 he and several colleagues founded Spears Associates, Inc., which specialized in the design and supply of high-technology communication and navigation equipment for submarines, aircraft, ships, and land-based applications. Spears Associates was purchased by Sippican in 1996 and is now part of Lockheed Martin Sippican.

At Spears Associates he served in progression as President, Chairman of the Board, and finally as Senior Scientist returning to state-of-the-art research in electronics and physics. After retirement from Spears Associates in 1994, he continued to develop his experimentally-based capacitance theory of gravity. He also explored the implications of permittivity and permeability for understanding observed properties of the Universe.

Morton F. Spears died on October 22, 2006, in Duxbury, Massachusetts, at the age of 84.

See: http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/MFSpears

While his patents are impressive, I believe his books are of particular interest:

  1. 1991 - CTG: Capacitance Theory of Gravity - BOOK I (Quill Publications, Inc., ISBN: 0-9629933-0-1) Abstract: Every object or particle floating in space has capacitance to its background and to other objects or particles. For electrically energized objects or particles, capacitance establishes the ratio of charge-to-voltage, but needs neither charge nor voltage to exist. It is part of the fundamental nature of the universe. Yet capacitance is rarely, if ever, included in theories of basic forces and fields. This book demonstrates some of the profound effects of capacitance, establishing correct qualitative and precise quantitative characteristics of gravity as confirmed by the many empirical observations and measurements made through the years.
  2. 1993 - CTG: Capacitance Theory of Gravity - BOOK II (Quill Publications, Inc. ISBN: 0-9629933-1-X) Abstract: An electronic circuit approach to gravity is furthered in this second book, building on the capacitance theory of gravity developed in CTG-Book I (see above).
  3. 1997 Paper - "An Electrostatic Solution for the Gravity Force and the Value of G" (published posthumously in Galilean Electrodynamics, Vol. 21, No. 2 (March/April), 2010, pp. 23-32.)

He has other research reports as well:

@Soretna , thanks for sharing . This is quite a promising line of research into the source of Gravity .


It seems to coincide with various other research stories, such as TT Brown. Perhaps also of interest (maybe warrants its own thread): http://www.free-energy-info.com/SSgen.pdf

Capacitance of Mass Particles indeed. This has more weight than gold.