Crop Circles Collection

I don't know if anyone's into crop circles, but I had a friend send me something I thought was kinda cool:

I guess there is a backup uploaded that might make looking at these easier, but I'm not sure how to get these easy: Crop Circles Collection (download torrent) - TPB

Looks like that thing has almost 3,400 pictures in it!


@Western0bserver , these patterns are very fascinating indeed...there are several toroidal designs amongst these images which probably depict higher physics !


Honestly when I saw these I couldn't help but think they're a marketing/manipulation campaign by the cavern worlders using their higher "UFO" tech... Just feels like preparatory work for the big "unveiling" ("disclosure") of the "aliens who will save humanity..." (Or obliterate and eat us. Subjugation and domination and reset back to pre-Adamic state is their endgame.)

@Soretna , you maybe right about their "intentions" , though I feel they might be attempting to just give humanity some clues towards correcting it's science from it's spherical skew , towards the more profound toroidal skew :)) I mean it creates the difference between flying in supersonic aircraft within Earth's atmosphere and flying UFO spacecraft that effortlessly reach the stars !


I don't for one moment believe that the UFOs that will be "disclosed" are actually true extraterrestrials, but rather inner/cavern-terrestrials. It all seems to be an obvious agenda that reveals itself more and more as we plod through this muck.

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