Conventional Thinking Proved Wrong About Sound Waves - more evidence of sound waves carrying mass !!

List members , I am absolutely THRILLED to share news about this new research on the true nature of sound waves...!! In this maybe hidden the secrets of levitating rocks that the ancients may have used for building their pyramids , temples and megalithic monuments :-

Conventional Thinking Proved Wrong About Sound Waves

In February 2019, three researchers at Columbia University published results of an experiment showing that sound waves can carry gravitational mass. Through the experiment, they found that sound waves can generate a “tiny gravitational field.”

“The calculations show that sound waves carry a tiny negative mass, which means that in the presence of a gravitational field, such as that of the Earth, their trajectory is bent upwards. Esposito and colleagues found that sound waves also generate a small gravitational field,” the study stated.

For years, physicists believed that sound waves could carry energy but didn’t think waves could carry mass. However, the researchers found evidence that “conventional thinking was wrong,” noted

Quantum Field Theory and Sound Waves

Using quantum field theory, the team found that sound waves moving through superfluid helium carried a small amount of mass. Mathematically, they proved it happens though they didn’t directly measure the mass carried by a sound wave.

“More specifically, they found that phonons interacted with a gravitational field in a way that forced them to carry mass along as they moved through the material. In this new effort, the researchers report evidence that suggests the same results hold true for most materials,” reported

A phonon describes the behavior of sound vibrations at a very small scale.

Following the news, the researchers suggested ways to conduct further real-world testing. One possibility would be to use devices that detect gravitational fields to study earthquakes. As the quake sends sounds through the planet, the devices could detect “billions of kilograms of mass” carried by the sound.

In 2020, scientists created an algorithm to detect signals from earthquakes that deform gravity, changing the density of rock for a short time. These changes in gravity send out signals at the speed of light, making it possible to detect quakes before the destruction begins.

See how earthquakes create waves inside the planet from National Geographic:

The Sound Wave Anomaly

A year before the study, the same team introduced the theory that phonons have a negative mass and, therefore, a negative gravity.

Strangely, phonons seem to defy gravity, rising upward instead of falling down.

“It turns out that under certain conditions with sound waves, sound waves can actually start to rise, rather than fall,” says string theory co-founder, Michio Kaku. “And, this is an anomoly, but yes, it seems to be consistent with the laws of physics, that certain vibrations instead of falling down, can actually fall up.”

Sound to Levitate Stones

For Ancient Astronaut theorists, the study immediately suggested ideas of how ancient people managed to move massive stones long ago. Perhaps, they were using sound waves and vibrations to move the stones with relative ease, after all.

Ancient stories suggested sound was part of the equation, and people constructed monuments with an apparent goal of amplifying a certain frequency. For example, Newgrange in Ireland, the Pyramids in Egypt, or the underground Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta.

Just maybe, sound waves were partly how Merlin constructed Stonehenge?

Such a fanciful story would sound familiar to Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Mas’udi, the Herodotus of the Arabs. Before 947 AD, al-Mas’udi recorded lore about how the ancients created the pyramids.

First, they placed a magical papyrus underneath the edges of stones. Then, they struck the stones with a rod of metal, and the stones started to float along a path of similar metal rods ever so gently.

Sidenote: Perhaps the papyrus was related to magnetic fields and superconductivity? In the quantum levitation experiment below, a crystal sapphire wafer coated with an extremely thin ceramic layer becomes cooled. Thus, it becomes a superconductor and levitates above a magnetic field.

Today, in ancient depictions around the world, we often see god-like beings holding thin metal rods in dramatic poses.

For example, in Egypt, we see the ever-present Was-sceptre. Across the globe in South America, at the Gateway of the Sun, Viracocha, and a host of winged beings each hold rods above an enormous 10-ton gateway, seemingly to nowhere.

See the Gate of the Sun below from KuriaTV:

Moving Small Objects with Sound

By studying cymatics, harmonic frequencies, and quantum field theory, we could be getting closer to understanding how the ancients moved giant megaliths. Certainly, today’s engineers would have difficulty if they attempted to replicate many ancient sites.

Through sound experiments, one can move sand particles in precise geometric shapes. And, one can levitate small objects like Ping Pong balls.

In 2016, researchers found they could levitate 2-inch polystyrene balls with high-frequency sound waves. To do it, they constructed a tripod of ultrasound transducers.

“At the moment, we can only levitate the object at a fixed position in space,” Andrade told “In future work, we would like to develop new devices capable of levitating and manipulating large objects in air.”

See the experiment from ScienceAlert:

The Secrets of Sound Waves

At the time of the Ping Pong experiment, Business Insider suggested one day researchers might “generate Star Trek-style tractor beam devices.”

Perhaps, one day soon, we will discover (or rediscover) the technology to move objects with considerable weight.

In the meantime, the former director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, disclosed on Fox News that the government had observed UFOs that can break the sound barrier without a sonic boom. Clearly, conventional thinking about sound waves is changing fast.

Possibly, we may unlock the secrets of sound waves within our lifetimes?

See more from Ancient Aliens on the secrets of vibrations and higher dimensions below:

More evidence of sound waves carrying mass

by Bob Yirka ,

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

A trio of researchers at Columbia University has found more evidence showing that sound waves carry mass. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Angelo Esposito, Rafael Krichevsky and Alberto Nicolis describe using effective field theory techniques to confirm the results found by a team last year attempting to measure mass carried by sound waves.

For many years physicists have felt confident that sound waves carry energy—but there was no evidence to suggest they also carry mass. There seemed to be no reason to believe that they would generate a gravitational field. But that changed last year when Nicolis and another physicist Riccardo Penco found evidence that suggested conventional thinking was wrong. They had used quantum field theory to show that sound waves moving through superfluid helium carried a small amount of mass with them. More specifically, they found that phonons interacted with a gravitational field in a way that forced them to carry mass along as they moved through the material. In this new effort, the researchers report evidence that suggests the same results hold true for most materials.

Using effective field theory, they showed that a single-watt sound wave that moved for one second in water would carry with it a mass of approximately 0.1 milligrams. They further note that the mass was found to be a fraction of the total mass of a system that moved with the wave, as it was displaced from one site to another.

Importantly, the researchers did not actually measure mass being carried by a sound wave—they used math to prove it happens. For real-world measurement, they suggest experiments could be conducted with sound waves as they move through a Bose-Einstein condensate made of very cold atoms—such a setup should show enough mass being carried to allow for measurement. But they also note a better approach might be to measure the mass being carried by sound waves moving through the Earth as part of a quake. That much sound could carry billions of kilograms of mass, which might be visible on devices that measure gravitational fields.


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Folks , the fact that UFOs breaking the sound barrier do NOT emit ANY sonic boom , is a strong indicator that they've mastered the use of the hidden properties of sound , which our "modern" civilization is yet to figure out :))


Do you see any research of this being done somehow in vacuo as well?...

@Soretna , am sure there would be...I suspect such research may have been "classified" :))- need to dig that out , as it's applications in the vacuum of space would be even more exciting !


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List members , at this point my mind is RACING continuously (understatement) and brainwaves & epiphanies are hitting me like Tsunamis :)) So , I am furiously jotting down these points , lest I lose this precious train of thought !

Please read on for the really exciting part that follows about this mystery I have unearthed :-

  1. The Ancients were right all this while about sound & light being essentially two sides of the same coin

  2. Light and Sound are interchangeable forms of energy - so , under the right conditions , we can even observe the phenomenon of SOMNOLUMINESCENCE !!

  3. Light is simply a "propagating vibration" and sound is a "compressed/confined vibration" - both ultimately propagate through the same fundamental medium of this Universe - the ETHER ! Therefore it is not relevant to ponder whether this property of sound is valid in the vacuum of space or not - it is valid , just that that frequency of Sound is OUTSIDE the hearing range of humans !

  4. Sound can be used for anti-gravity propulsion !!!!

  5. Sound can be used for levitation

  6. This property of sound is what helps UFO propulsion and makes it SILENT - no noise at all !!

  7. We can actually "manifest" something into our "perceived physical reality" by harnessing this hidden property of sound - as in one clear example : by chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras or hymns , at precisely the right cosmic frequencies (YES !!) , like the enlightened Vedic Sages of yore...!

  8. One PHONON (the basic unit of sound) has a "negative mass" similar to the equivalent "positive mass" of a hydrogen atom...on the other hand a PHOTON of light is "massless"

  9. The speed of light "c" from e = mc^2 correlates a photon to a phonon !!

  10. Both light and sound are essentially "made of the same stuff" and just form a CONTINUUM of energy vibrations - from confined/compressed vibration (sound) to propagating vibration (light)

Please do read all the enclosed articles to gain a better understanding of what I have summarised above . **All physics textbooks now need to be updated :))

Sound waves are a form of antigravity because they have negative mass | New Scientist.

Sound carries mass | Nature Reviews Physics.


@Mitko_Gorgiev , I am indeed curious to know what might be your views on the relationship between light and sound ?


Folks , the concept of "Shabd Brahman" from the Vedas has a very , very deep explanation of sound and how it relates to the creation/manifestation of the Cosmos . The enclosed article has more information on sound than any other "modern" text can ever provide you - STATUTORY WARNING though , this is interpreted by the irreverent genius - Ajit Vadakayil :))

If you can ignore his highly TOXIC , parochial comments and extremely opinionated remarks , focussing just on the knowledge his writing contains , then this article is worth more than GOLD !


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Sidhartha and Soretna,

Do sound waves carry mass, or is there manifestation of mass through them, originating from the ethereal platform?

Because given the radiation and particle enviroment present on the Earth in pre kaliyuga times, I have always understood that the warrior caste would manifest arrows from the supramental, ethereal platform. They were guided arrows in the sense that they would follow their prey, which must have involved electrmagnetic attraction and repulsion.


@deandddd , the ancients considered sound as more fundamental than light . They believed sound to be the source of creation and physical matter or condensed/crystallised energy , is part of that creation/manifestation...similar to the statement in the Bible "in the beginning was the word and the word was God"...

The idea of "transcendental sound" is central to the Vedas...this is the Cosmic vibration , that is beyond the mere physical sense of hearing .

The Vedic system of weaponry was based on scalar waves , activated via the intense vibrations triggered by precise chanting of secret Sanskrit mantras (transcendental sound) . It was like "invoking" an application and then "withdrawing/closing" that application on a computer . Unlike present day weaponry , where a nuclear missile cannot be recalled post it's launch , DIRECTED scalar weapons can be invoked and then withdrawn .

The reason is that scalar waves are like the vacuum energy which "bleeds" from the ether into our manifest reality . When that "tear" is sealed , the scalar energy stops "leaking" into our physical's quite difficult to wrap our heads around this concept , because transcendental sound cannot be described , it can only be experienced by those who have attained nirvana or enlightenment through years of intense Yogic meditation - none of us have as YET (!!) :))


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Yat pinde tat Brahmans!!!

; ^. )

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Let me try that again …

Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande…

; ^ )


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Yes @deandddd , all of us have forgotten the use of that mysterious "tool" - the pineal gland in our brains , called the "third eye" by the is considered to be the "seat of the soul" and the place where such "superhuman" capabilities lie dormant !


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Here is another interesting article on transcendental sound being the root cause for the divine spark of creation that lead to the "Cosmic Golden Egg" , or Hiranyagarbha , at the start of the creation for this Universe . "Nada" is a Sankrit word , which in this context , means the "Primordial Sound" , or the "First Cause" of this Cosmos :-

Nada And The Golden Egg

“Sound is a form of energy which has frequency, pitch, volume, tone and also subtle qualities.”

– Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

The first time I became aware of a peculiar sound in the ear was when I joined the course in Brahma Vidya. This sound has become a constant companion. It is a very tinny sound and what I call ‘chinn’ sound. Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri calls it the sound of “Consciousness.” This sound cannot be heard outside the ear i.e. it can only be experienced. Once when I told Guruji that I would like to experience the level this pitch can go to, he warned me not to try it. Somehow, when I next sat for meditation, I started to move along with the sound. As it picked momentum, we kept on moving till the pitch reached its subtlest level and became ‘silence’. The feeling that arises at that moment is of complete stillness and silence within and without, and a sense of just ‘being’. This can only be experienced.

The other subtle sounds that could be identified were of the ocean, strong winds, school gong and a lute. These cosmic sounds probably emanate at different vibratory levels and vary according to the density of the energy at that plane.

In due course I found that this sound would change its tune and vibration, and I realized that at those moments I had to become very conscious and aware, because I was going to be a recipient of a message or information which could be in the form of a person, a book or just plain dialogue, or there would be a lag time before the knowledge filtered through from the vibratory level to which the sound belonged. These sounds arise from within the body-mind organism.

The subtlest and constant resonating ‘nada’ sound that belongs to the cosmos is the sound or echo that lingers after a single bang on a drum. It is a soft, soothing, ongoing ‘mmmmmmmm…’ like the humming of a bumble bee.

The above are the subtle sounds that are within the individual body-mind organism or the cosmos. There are other soundless sounds that sound like a thunder-clap, an explosion or a single clap, and it is experienced in the physical form as a jerk, the intensity depending on the intensity of the impact.

I was given to understand that when this phenomenon occurred it meant that some past karmas (system of Divine Justice) were wiped out. Though the explanation was appealing, I could not fully comprehend it till I recently came across a passage in the book Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati:

“According to Vedanta, universal mind is symbolized by hiranyagarbha, the golden womb or cosmic egg. At one pole of the universal mind is time, at other pole is space, and matter is at the centre. During creation, time and space come closer to each other. The instant they meet at bindu there is an explosion within matter and creation begins. Therefore, the universe is created by the convergence of the two poles of energy of universal mind, and is a product of an explosion at the nucleus of universal mind.”

The first golden cosmic egg that appeared led to a series of steps for purification of the body-mind intellect which would then enable me to recognize the form that would serve as a channel for my unfoldment on the path to self-discovery. This form I came to recognize and accept as my Guru.

The sound that emanated from deep within me was of a heavy male voice repeating after me the affirmations I was reciting. This was followed by the sound of heavy iron girders grinding against each other. The power of the sound is beyond imagination and human comprehension. The forceful rising of the Kundalini as a rotating, moving cauldron was the cause of this phenomenon. Words become inadequate.

This experience of total disintegration came with a deafening, shattering sound, more like a thunder clap blowing my psyche into smithereens. It is like a puzzle being de-arranged and re-arranged. With this, changes take place in the mental, emotional and physical body in an instant. It is said that this Shaktipat (energy transmission) can be conducted in the energy field of the Guru, from a distance, by a touch or even by a look.

The final golden egg with the visual depicting creation and regeneration leads me to a further purification process that would complete my journey.

“The ultimate source of all creation is contained within bindu. When the explosion of time and space occurs within bindu the first emanation is nada, transcendental sound. This is the sound vibration at the highest level. From nada emerges kalaa, the manifest universe of time, space and object.”*

“Bindu represents time, space and matter within a single point. It is the seed of creation.”

– Swami Niranjananda Saraswati, Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya

In between the above major experiences there were lesser sounds which would be like a loud clap or a burst of a fire-cracker. Going over the diary, I can understand at what point these must have occurred. It would be at times when contact takes place between time, space and matter. The intensity of the impact would depend upon at what vibratory level it occurs. As the clash takes place with matter the reaction in the physical body is experienced as a jerk, sometimes as powerful as to throw one off balance. Sound exists in the form of vibration, which is of varying frequencies. I also realize that with each of these shattering episodes different levels of purification in the body-mind intellect ensued.

This led me towards the creation of a changed psyche and a different way of thinking. I feel one is truly blessed to go through this experiencing because the course of one’s life and destiny is taken out of one’s own control and by shattering the aspirant’s balance karmas and blocks a new destiny is laid out for him/her. No longer is the individual ‘will’ that is operating, but the Cosmic will. It is understandable that destruction of the old has to happen in order for the subsequent creation in any form to take place. New can only come forth when the old is annihilated.

Thus these visuals in a step-by-step manner helped me to understand the role of Nada and its significance in the evolutionary process of an aspirant. This has been revealed in a visual form so that in turn it may be presented as the spiritual sign-posts for you – the meditators.

– Santosh Sachdeva

The visuals are sourced from the books Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening by Santosh Sachdeva .