Civilisation has Been Around for a Long Time


The following is from the Appendix of Forbidden Archaeology.

By the way, civilization has been around for a long time ...

Posted by Dean Dominic De Lucia

A2.9 GOLD CHAIN IN CARBONIFEROUS COAL FROM MORRISONVILLE, ILLINOIS On June 11, 1891, The Morrisonville Times reported: "A curious find was brought to light by Mrs. S. W. Culp last Tuesday morning. As she was breaking a lump of coal preparatory to putting it in the scuttle, she discovered, as the lump fell apart, embedded in a circular shape a small gold chain about ten inches in length of antique and quaint workmanship. At first Mrs. Culp thought the chain had been dropped accidentally in the coal, but as she undertook to lift the chain up, the idea of its having been recently dropped was at once made fallacious, for as the lump of coal broke it separated almost in the middle, and the circular position of the chain placed the two ends near to each other, and as the lump separated, the middle of the chain became loosened while each end remained fastened to the coal. This is a study for the students of archaeology who love to puzzle their brains over the geological construction of the earth from whose ancient depth the curious is always dropping out. The lump of coal from which this chain was taken is supposed to come from the Taylorville or Pana mines [southern Illinois] and almost hushes one's breath with mystery when it is thought for how many long ages the earth has been forming strata after strata which hid the golden links from view. The chain was an eight carat gold and weighed eight penny weights." In a letter to Ron Calais, Mrs. Vernon W. Lauer, the present publisher of the Morrisonville Times, stated: "Mr. Culp was editor and publisher of the Times in 1891. Mrs. Culp, who made the discovery, moved to Taylorville after his death remarried and her death occurred on February 3, 1959." Calais told our research assistant ( Stephen Bernath ) that he had information the chain was given to one of Mrs. Culp's relatives after her death, but Calais could not trace the chain further.

The Illinois Geological Survey has said the coal in which the gold chain was found is 260 – 320 million years old. This raises the possibility that culturally advanced human beings we represent in North America during that time.