Birkeland Current on the cosmological scale discovered

A team of scientists using the ALMA telescope to study the doughnut-shaped cloud of gas and dust at the center of the galaxy NGC 1068 recently made a shocking discovery — two separate disks of gas and dust are rotating in opposite directions. reports on the team’s discovery: “Unexpectedly, they found two counter-rotating disks of gas. The inner disk spans 2-4 light-years and follows the rotation of the galaxy, whereas the outer disk (also known as the torus) spans 4-22 light-years and is rotating the opposite way.” Those who have followed this series might understand the potential significance of this discovery. In 2015, retired professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott published his mathematical model of the structure of a Birkeland current, which can be identified visually as counterrotating cylindrical shells, and is seen at vastly different scales in the cosmos, from galaxies to planetary aurorae. We asked Dr. Scott for this thoughts on this new discovery. Source story:

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Soretna , this again strengthens the view that we live in a holographic universe (similarity in structure from micro to macro scale) . Such evidence validates what the likes of David LaPoint and Nassim Haramein have been trying to say , in their own separate ways .


The one thing that we seem to be missing is the etheric component. I believe electricity is a side effect or result of the etheric nature of the universe. Likewise for magnetism.

Soretna , first I just wanted to highlight the word "torus" used in the article you sent to describe the outer , counter rotating disk...very significant - Nassim Haramein would be pleased to read that !

Also , what mainstream science confuses to be "dark matter" and "dark energy" is nothing but the ether , that they banished from science more than 100 years ago :))


That is correct, but it goes much deeper than this. The concept of the ether permeates everything and there is an entrained dynamic ether that is pushing the Earth, Sun and everything at present. Michaelson & Morley's experiment in 1887 (and then the most important ones of Dayton Miller 2.5 decades later) was actually NOT null. The actual results have been flagrantly and horrendously thrown away and hidden for the past 130 years. It's a complete atrocity. Frankly we need to more or less throw away all theoretical physics for the past 130 years in order to properly go back to the discussions that were being had (and were indeed on the right track) at that time.

I'm going to have to take some time to create a thread about this with regards to Dr. James DeMeo's amazing research.

Soretna , not sure if you remember - in one of my earlier posts , I had written about Maxwell's original paper from the 1850s about "a sea of vortices"...well , that is the point from where mainstream science actually took the wrong turn on their "Highway to NOWHERE" :))

First , Oliver Heaviside eliminated scalar forces from Maxwell's equations , as an optimisation from the original 20 equations down to just 4 (!!) and since then science has only focussed on vector forces and transverse waves (all electromagnetic waves fall in the transverse wave category) .

Scalar waves are longitudinal waves that transcend time and space . Scalar waves are ripples in the ether - they are exactly the same as the so called "Vril" force .


Hi @Soretna @sidharthabahadur

I came across this article and thought it has some interesting points and could answer some questions regarding Primer Fields, Vortexes, Birkland Currents etc.

I have attached a link and pdf...

Supernova 1987A Decoded – _ The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®.pdf (904.9 KB)

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@Echo_on , the beauty of this situation is how the concept of Primer fields , validates the dynamic double torus or the "snake eating it's own tail" .

In one stroke , we can see how holographic universe , toroidal universe, Primer fields and Birkeland currents are all getting logically aligned - by the way , where are black holes , dark matter and dark energy in all this ?? :))


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@sidharthabahadur i have a sneaking feeling that things are made to seem much more complicated than they are.

The snake eating itself is a masterful interpretation and symbolism..


@Echo_on , true . The ancient cosmic symbol of a snake eating it's own tail , also symbolised the concept of infinity , renewal of nature , cyclical patterns etc. - all of which hold true about our universe . It really has deep meanings !


@Echo_on , @Soretna , I just had an's about the video first posted in this trail by Soretna , about the "counter-rotating" disks of gas and dust (in the Galaxy NGC 1068) - my brainwave is about the Coriolis effect !

I mean it is fantastic...I didn't expect to see such an easy validation , at the cosmic scale , of the "dynamic double torus model" of Nassim Haramein , wherein he explains the Coriolis effect , seen in all stars and planets .

Simply put - on Earth , why do ocean currents and wind systems circulate in opposite directions for the Northern and Southern hemisphere respectively ?? The answer is "Coriolis effect" .

If stars and planets had been perfect spheres , there would be no trace of Coriolis effect , none at all . Therefore , this is another proof of the dynamic double torus being the fundamental design of our cosmos , right from the subatomic , upto the galactic scale .


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@Echo_on have you read Space and Counterspace: A New Science of Gravity, Time and Light by Nick C. Thomas?:

Perhaps even Science between Space and Counterspace : Exploring the Significance of Negative Space?

Additionally, what about Projective Geometry: Creative Polarities in Space and Time by Olive Whicher?:

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You have provided many good sources @Soretna thank you. They look interesting and i will try to look them up. Tbh i still am reading DMT Dialogs and have a few others to get through first.

Also i have my own theory i work on and am creating my mind maps for. In truth i understand my philosophy of mind and study on the view of:

1d = consiousnesss
2d = matter
3d = time (Lnear/Analog) (Discreet /Digital)

I work with platonic solids models of frequency amongst other things.

Two books that i can recommend wholeheartedly are the Kybalion by Hermes Trismegistu and The Secret of Light by Walter Russell. These two are now available as free pdf. They gave me more insights than anything i have read... I am sure they will enlighten any open mind.

I am working to provide an interpretation of my theory which its core is Consiousnesss (Analog) and the subconscious (digital).

The "Dynamic double torus model" expressed by @sidharthabahadur is also created by an inscribed sphere caused by any of the platonic solids when energy, frequency and vibration is applied in 3d space. They also create fibonachi spiralling and have special properties when harmonised with these frequencies. Many unusual phenomenon occur that are fascinating.

In reference to the electric universe theory... If the universe or our solar system are in an inscribed sphere such as a sun then everything is energy, frequency and vibration as Tesla states also explaining gravity, and magnetism, expansion, space curvature and so aum...

Projections in Geometry is very interesting too. My studies with frequency and the platonic solids show also a dual projection in time. Similarly like Holographic theory and my theory that time can be measured as discreet 2d planes somehow using the inverse square law although is a work in progress.


@Echo_on , @Soretna , this is a topic that can even branch off into metaphysics since it involves consciousness . I dare say this topic overlaps with the philosophical musings of ancient sages too !

The Vedic belief about this subject can broadly be summarised as follows :-

  1. Consciousness is the substrate for the entire cosmos
  2. Crystallised consciousness is energy
  3. Condensed energy is matter

**Therefore , consciousness is the essence of all that exists in the universe - nothing is beyond consciousness . Sages of ancient times used to spend their entire lifetime meditating upon such questions .

Fortunately or unfortunately , it is not possible to disentangle this subject with mysticism , because NOT everything can be measured , the deepest aspects of reality can only be experienced in a profound state of meditation , wherein one's mind is tuned to the cosmic frequency and spontaneously becomes "aware" of the subtle aspects of reality , beyond the 5 senses . Some call this ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) , or clairvoyance .

The ether was "banished" from mainstream science 100 years ago and from that time , the science establishment has been struggling hard to replace ether with their warped ideas such as dark matter and dark energy :))


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I agree that it can branch out in that direction and I'll make a new topic to help reign this in, BUT the interesting thing with Nick Thomas was that during his life he attempted to bring qualitative science in to be able to be coordinated with quantitative science.

Presently science is only concerned with the quantitative, but this, as we know, facilitates missing everything that one might tag as metaphysical or spiritual. It is important to somehow pull these in as well.

I would argue that even what we call qualitative presently is ultimately also quantitative - just that our current capacity to measure and record such things are limited due to our understanding and "technology."

@Soretna , then you must read the following two articles about how Tesla and other famous scientists used spiritual concepts of the Vedas in their science research :-


The Properties of Space
Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them. One example is “free energy,” also known as “zero-point energy,” which utilizes the substance that exists all around us and converts it into usable energy. This would give us a limitless source of energy, and would practically wipe out all poverty on the planet.

The properties of space have been postulated by many, from ancient Vedic philosophy, Eastern Mystics, various ancient civilizations throughout human history all the way to Descartes, Einstein, Newton and more. Humans are curious beings, and our quest to discover “what is” will never end.

“And they allowed Apollonius to ask questions; and he asked them of what they thought the cosmos was composed; but they replied; “Of elements.” “Are there then four?” he asked. “Not four,” said Larchas, “but five.” “And how can there be a fifth,” said Apollonius, “alongside of water and air and earth and fire?” “There is the ether,” replied the other, “which we must regard as the stuff of which gods are made; for just as all mortal creatures inhale the wire, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the ether.” “Am I,” said Appollonius, “to regard the universe as a living creature?” “Yes,” said the other. ~ The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus, 220 AD

Science now knows that a material universe as the foundation of what we perceive to be our physical material world isn’t quite the case. Today, physicists recognize that physical atoms are actually made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. At its smallest observable level, matter is energy, and this energy that exists all around us can be tapped into and possibly used to generate power.

Quantum physics has left many scientists baffled, again, the discovery that our physical material reality isn’t really physical at all can be quite confusing. Scientists began to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter at the turn of the 19th century, this is approximately the time when the idea of a Newtonian material universe was dropped from the heart of scientific knowing, and replaced by the fact that matter is nothing but an illusion, that everything in the universe is made out of energy.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” ~ Niels Bohr

Again, if you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. As you focused in closer and closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, you would observe a physical void. The atom has no physical structure, we have no physical structure, physical things really don’t have any physical structure. Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

“Despite the unrivalled empirical success of quantum theory, the very suggestion that it may be literally true as a description of nature is still greeted with cynicism, incomprehension and even anger.” (T. Folger, “Quantum Shmantum”; Discover 22:37-43, 2001)

“Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” ~ R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University

Tesla and Ancient Vedic Philosophy and the Properties of Space
We’ve seen a very interesting trend (especially within the past decade) of modern-day science catching up to an ancient understanding about the true nature of reality, its make-up, how it functions and how we can work with it to bring about change on our planet. For anybody to label the merging of ‘spirituality’ and science as pseudoscience means they have not properly investigated it. Spiritual concepts of our ancient world are directly intertwined with modern-day science, more so quantum physics, and Nikola Tesla was well aware of this.

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.” ~ Nikola Tesla, Man’s Greatest Achievement, 1907 1 2

As you can see, Tesla was aware of ancient concepts and the correlation it had with the science he was working on - using sanskrit worlds like “akasha,” and “prana” to describe the force and matter that exists all around us. These words come from the Upanishads (a collection of Vedic texts):

“The aakaash is not destructible, it is the primordial absolute substratum that creates cosmic matter and hence the properties of aakaash are not found in the material properties that are in a sense relative. The aakaash is the eternally existent, superfluid reality, for which creation and destruction are inapplicable.” ~ (Idham thadhakshare parame vyoman. Parame vyoman) ~ Paramahamsa Tewari, Engineer, Physicist and Inventor

Nikola Tesla had correlations with Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), who was one of the most famous and influential spiritual leaders of the philosophies of Vedanta (one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, the term originally referred to the upanishads, a collection of philosophical texts in Hinduism) and Yoga. He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and the founder of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. He is a giant figure in the history of the hindu reform movements.

Vivekananda wrote a later to Tesla in the late 1800’s stating:

“Mr. Tesla thinks he can demonstrate mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy. I am to go and see him next week to get this new mathematical demonstration. In that case the Vedantic cosmology will be placed on the surest of foundations. I am working a good deal now upon the cosmology and eschatology of the Vedanta. I clearly see their perfect union with modern science, and the elucidation of the one will be followed by that of the other.” ~ Swami Vivekananda (Complete Works, VOL. V, Fifth Edition, 1347, p. 77)1

Tesla began using the Sanskrit words after meeting with Swami, and after studying the Eastern view of the true nature of reality, about the mechanisms that drive the material world. Eventually, it led him to the basis for the wireless transmission of electrical power, what is known as the Tesla Coil Transformer. During this year he made the following comments during a speech before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (given before he familiarized himself with the the Vedic sincere of the easter nations of India, Tibet, and Nepal):

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel…We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians… Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static, or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature.” ~ Nikola Tesla

The Vedas are a group of writings that consist of hymns, prayers, myths, historical accounting, science and the nature of reality. They date back at least 5000 years, and are not so different from other ancient texts that dive into the same matters from all across the globe. The language used is Sanskrit and its origins are unknown.

“Swami Vivekananda was hopeful that Tesla would be able to show that what we call matter is simply potential energy because that would reconcile the teachings of the Vedas with modern science. The Swami realized that in that case, the Vedantic cosmology (would) be placed on the surest of foundations. Tesla understood the Sanskrit terminology and philosophy and found that it was a good means to describe the physical mechanisms of the universe as seen through his eyes. It would behoove those who would attempt to understand the science behind the inventions of Nikola Tesla to study Sanskrit and Vedic philosophy.” ~ Toby Grotz, President, Wireless Engineering

Apparently, Tesla was unable to show the identity of energy and matter, this did not come until Albert Einstein published his paper on relativity, which was known in the East for the last 5000 years.

“All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” ~ Swami Vivekananda

Tesla’s vision of the wireless transmission of electricity and free energy has been postponed for almost one hundred years now. Which brings us to our next topic.

What We Know Now (Today) About Free Energy

“These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories throughout the world and yet they have not really seen the light of day. If these technologies were to be set free worldwide, the change would be profound, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.” ~ Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor

Below is a video of world renowned Physicist Harold E. Puthoff. An American physicist who earned his Ph.D from Stanford University. I am best familiar with his work through the declassification of the remote viewing program conducted by the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford University. (source [1], [2] and [3]). He is the director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, and has served various government agencies throughout his years.

“These are not just fringe scientists with science fiction ideas. They are mainstream ideas being published in mainstream physics journals and being taken seriously by mainstream military and NASA type funders. I’ve been taken out on aircraft carriers by the Navy and shown what it is we have to replace if we have new energy sources to provide new fuel methods.” ~ Dr. Harold E. Puthoff

“Back in about 1964 a researcher at the Hughes Laboratory by the name of Robert L. Forward showed that there was a particular effect, called the Casimir Effect, which demonstrated that this energy could be taped.” ~ Dr. Harold E. Puthoff

To see some actual research, a research paper and a visual demonstration of some machinery with plans for the device, click here.

This is what Tesla was talking about when he said that man would “attach their machinery to the very wheel work of nature.”

It’s Time For A Change
Our current methods for extracting energy are destroying Earth. It’s destroying the environment, its people and creates conflict. We are rapidly approaching a time (if not already in that time) where we need to implement systems to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. I hope that this article, and the ones linked within it, show you that this is possible. If you are further interested in this subject, you can check out Michael Faraday, Bruce DePalma, Paramahamsa Tewari and more.

Energy source transitions do not happen over night. It took us 100 years to transfer from wood to coal, and another 100 years to move from coal to oil. But the next energy transition must happen quicker than previous ones, and it must include free energy.

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway from the human spirit.” ~ Helen Keller

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ~ Nikola Tesla



(2) Hunt, Inez and Draper. Wanetta, W., Lightning In His Hand, The Life Story Of Nikola Tesla, Omni Publications, Hawthorne, CA, 1981.

(3) O’Neal, John, J., Prodigal Genius, The Life Of Nikola Tesla, Ives Washington, Inc., 1944. Anderson, Leland, personal communication. See also Anderson, L.I., and Ratzlaff, J.T., Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography, Ragusan Press, 936 Industrial Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94303, 1979.
Sources used from another article, embedded in this article:

All other sources are highlighted throughout the article.

This article originally appeared on, written by Arjun Walia.

It was first published here in December 2014

6 Famous International Physicists who were influenced by Hindu Dharma

While religion might not be “logical” to some, but Hindu Religion has proven to have some science behind it.

While religion might not be “logical” to some, but Hindu Religion has proven to have some science behind it.

The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an innate, number of deaths and rebirths.

Science and religion don’t normally go together. We’ve seen scientists dissing out people with religious beliefs, and vice versa. While religion might not be “logical” to some, but Hindu Religion has proven to have some science behind it. And as such, there are scientists who have been influenced by Hindu Dharma. Here are some of the international figures in the world of science who have taken inspiration from Hindu Dharma, and their own quotes about their influences and Hindu Dharma:

1. Erwin Schrödinger

Erwin Schrödinger

Erwin Schrödinger

You might have already known about Schrödinger’s cat. If not, then you should at least know that it’s a very famous experiment, and the inferences have a great value in the world of science. That was one of the many scientific experiments Erwin Schrödinger is known for. The Austrian physicist also won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933.

The Bhagavad Gita… is the most beautiful philosophical song existing in any known tongue.”

But if you read his biography and some of the works he has published, then you will realize the influence of the Hindu religion in his works:

  • “This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of this entire existence, but in a certain sense the whole ; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins [wise men or priests in the Vedic tradition] express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear; tat tvam asi , this is you. Or, again, in such words as “I am in the east and the west, I am above and below, I am this entire world.” [Schrödinger,’Meine Weltansicht’ (My View of the World), 1961]
  • “The multiplicity is only apparent. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads . And not of the Upanishads only. The mystical experience of the union with God regularly leads to this view, unless strong prejudices stand in the West.”[Erwin Schrödinger, What is Life?, p. 129, Cambridge University Press]
  • “From the early great Upanishads, the recognition Atman = Brahman (the personal self-equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self) was in Indian thought considered, far from being blasphemous, to represent, the quintessence of deepest insight into the happenings of the world. The striving of all the scholars of Vedanta was, after having learned to pronounce with their lips, really to assimilate in their minds this grandest of all thoughts.” [From an essay on determinism and free will]
  • “Most of my ideas & theories are heavily influenced by Vedanta”
  • “There is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction… The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad.” (Mein Leben, Meine Weltansicht [My Life, My World View] (1961), Chapter 4)

2.Werner Heisenberg

Werner Heisenberg

Known for his renowned uncertainty principle, Werner Heisenberg is a key figure in the world of quantum mechanics . You might have also heard about him in Breaking Bad. That kept aside, the German Nobel Prize winner for Physics is believed to have understood much of quantum mechanisms through his mystical experience in Hindu dharma.

Here are some proofs of it:

  • In Uncommon Wisdom: Conversations With Remarkable People (1988), Frtjof Capra writes about the conversation between Rabindranath Tagore and Werner Heisenberg: “He began to see that the recognition of relativity, interconnectedness, and impermanence as fundamental aspects of physical reality, which had been so difficult for himself and his fellow physicists, was the very basis of Indian spiritual traditions.”
  • In The Holographic Paradigm (pg. 217-218), there is a text that talks about Renee Weber’s interview with Fritjof Capra. Capra states that Schrödinger in speaking about Heisenberg has said: “I had several discussions with Heisenberg. I lived in England then [circa 1972], and I visited him several times in Munich and showed him the whole manuscript chapter by chapter. He was very interested and very open, and he told me something that I think is not known publicly because he never published it. He said that he was well aware of these parallels. While he was working on quantum theory he went to India to lecture and was a guest of Tagore. He talked a lot with Tagore about Indian philosophy. Heisenberg told me that these talks had helped him a lot with his work in physics because they showed him that all these new ideas in quantum physics were in fact not all that crazy. He realized there was, in fact, a whole culture that subscribed to very similar ideas. Heisenberg said that this was a great help for him. Niels Bohr had a similar experience when he went to China.”
  • He has also been seen quoted couple of times saying; “After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made more sense .”
  • “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to people who have read Vedanta.”

3. Robert Oppenheimer

Robert Oppenheimer

Father of an atomic bomb, Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a theoretical physicist and was the head of the lab when the first atomic bomb was invented (Manhattan Project). Bhagwad Gita, Mahabharata and Indian historical facts have influenced Oppenheimer. He also studied Sanskrit and read Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit itself.

Here are his quotes:

  • Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.”
  • The general notions about human understanding … which are illustrated by discoveries in atomic physics are not in the nature of things wholly unfamiliar, wholly unheard of or new. Even in our own culture, they have a history, and in Buddhist and Hindu thought a more considerable and central place. What we shall find [in modern physics] is an exemplification, an encouragement, and a refinement of old wisdom.
  • The juxtaposition of Western civilization’s most terrifying scientific achievement with the most dazzling description of the mystical experience given to us by the Bhagavad Gita , India’s greatest literary monument.
  • The Bhagavad Gita… is the most beautiful philosophical song existing in any known tongue.” [“Sacred Jewels of Yoga: Wisdom from India’s Beloved Scriptures, Teachers, Masters, and Monks”]

It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, to those of modern scientific cosmology.

4. Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr

Niels Henrik David Bohr is another Nobel Peace prize winner in the list. The Danish physicist is known for his tremendous contribution in atomic structure and quantum theory. In Stephen Prothero’s book God Is Not One (pg. 144), Niel Bohr has quoted:

  • “I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.”

5. Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist and philosopher, Carl Sagan’s contributions to cosmology and modern space science are unprecedented. He was a devout Hindu and has been seen quoting:

  • “The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an innate, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma , 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang. And there are much longer time scales still.” [Carl Sagan, Cosmos]
  • “The most elegant and sublime of these is a representation of the creation of the universe at the beginning of each cosmic cycle, a motif known as the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva . The god called in this manifestation Nataraja, the Dance King. In the upper right hand is a drum whose sound is the sound of creation. In the upper left hand is a tongue of flame, a reminder that the universe, now newly created, with billions of years from now will be utterly destroyed.” [Carl Sagan, Cosmos, pg 213-214]
  • A millennium before Europeans were willing to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions.” [Carl Sagan, Cosmos, pg 213-214]

6. NikolaTesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is perhaps the greatest scientist (debatable for sure) ever lived and his inventions have given a great contribution to mankind; he was a pioneer in many fields. From Tesla Coil to Radio to Alternate Current to Telephone (yes, there is a great controversy between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla for this, but much of the
evidence point out to Nikola Tesla as the true inventor), the Serbian-American physicist and engineer are highly respected in his field. But he has been seen quoting Vedantic concepts:

  • “All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or aluminiferous ether , which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in neverending cycles, all things and phenomena.” [Man’s Greatest Achievement, John J. O’Neal., & Prodigal Genius, The Life of Nikola Tesla, 1944]







Folks , Birkeland current has now been confirmed to exist at the planetary scale , stellar scale and galactic scale...what better proof is required for the Holographic nature of our Universe ?? Not just that , it also proves the interconnectedness of the entire Cosmos , in the form of a "cosmic circuit" !