Balls of Light, Wherefrom ?


I am reading a book on UFOs in Brazil. It is a serious study. The
author held regular nighttime vigils in order to sight UFOs in the
state of Minas Gerais, mostly near the town of Passa Tempo. (Not too
from Varginha) He also interviewed rural inhabitants over a wide area.

Spirit orbs are called Mae de Ouro there. It figures prominently in
that they originate underground, that they especially originate in
and that they "bury themselves" and disappear underground. How 'bout
for being suggestive of cavern worlds?

Adamski was told by the Venusians on whose mother ship he was a guest
they didn't alwys send out scout saucers, that they also sent out
illuminated balls through which they could observe, like remote
cameras. A
common technique, I guess.


Sounds like the "orbs" many in paranormal/ufo circles discuss. There seems to be an uptick in sightings. Maybe it's a technology for observation, gathing data and more.



Origin of Crop Circles

This article above mentions the following, something that Andrew, I
believe it was, of that British UFology group, pointed out- that orbs
are involved in making the crop circles. From the above
article: "Adding to the puzzle, professional filmmakers have
documented bizarre daytime "balls of light" at crop-circle sites.
Light phenomena were observed by multiple witnesses at the site of
the Canadian circle so meticulously examined under the Rockefeller

Eltjo Hasselhoff, a Dutch experimental physicist, has taken on the
study of what he describes as "bright, fluorescent flying light
objects, sized somewhere between an egg and a football."

The article is nice, but its links aren't working.