Apollo 15 Photo Analyzed by Chris


At 10:40 more or less, Chris shows the vertical nature of the structure we are looking at. It is a huge structure, and it is all cut into the rock. There is underground habitation in The Moon. There is activity on the surface, too, it has been noticed. But in most of these videos, we see access to the sub surface.

We went there, tried to poke around, we suddenly stopped going. What is going on in the world? We are so close by, but they don't want us to know about them. We are close by, and they are at a safe distance. But they don't want us to know.

And on the Earth, no underground population wants us to know. Cavern worlds manipulate and control us, and cause wars. They seem to be re-arranging our world, our population, our values. But nobody wants us to know about them. Not even the hollow earthers, not even on the faraway Moon do they want us to know about their existence. Talk about being shunned!

It is every man for himself!


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