Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia ? Indus Peoples to Australia in 2200 BCE ??

Folks , these two links are just too good - they turn every existing theory about Australia's past UPSIDE DOWN :-


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In 2200 B.C.? From what I gather, the Dravidian race existed along the girth of the planet eons and eons ago. They are the Mayan race, and if they are the Mayan race, then certainly they reached every point between South India and the Yucatan, too; "along the way", so to speak.

If Hanuman's son founded the White CIty in Honduras so far back in time, during the Treta Yuga, maybe a million years ago; then there was Dravidian migration back in those times, too.

Some of the list members may think that I am just an overdramatic nut, but there is method to my madness!