Amudsen Dirgible

Here is an intersting point from Rod's article The Size and Location
of the Polar Openings:

" The Amundsen dirigible transpolar flight of 1926 from Spitzbergen
to the Pole and from the Pole to about 100 miles west of Point
Barrow, Alaska would indicate the north polar opening would need to
be located to one side of their line of flight.


This estimated location would place the opening on the Russian side of
Amundsen's line of flight from the Pole to Alaska, and yet also be in
the line of sight of the direction that Admiral Peary sighted the
mirage of Crocker land from the west coast of Ellesmere Island in
Northern Canada.

Indicative that the curve into the opening has already begun near the
pole is Amundsen's navigator error upon reaching Alaska. They had
assumed a straight line of flight from Spitzbergen to the Pole and
from the Pole to Point Barrow, Alaska, but upon arriving in Alaska
were surprised that they were around a 100 miles too far west of
Point Barrow, closer towards the Bering Sea that they didn't even see
Point Barrow. This may indicate that near the pole they had actually
dipped somewhat down into the polar opening causing their straight
line of flight to be skewed."

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The inward slope towards the opening always fouled up the navigation of the Arctic explorers of yesteryear.